Julius Skoolafish

Julius Skoolafish

a day ago·skoolafishblog.wordpress.comMy Thanks and Appreciation To Julius Skoolafish

Firstly, thank you so much for that musical video. It is superb. It is not something I would have ever stumbled across so I am very grateful. Angelic singing and you don’t have to know the language to feel its intent of goodwill. I have saved it and will be sharing proudly with my family and friends.

Secondly, you are too kind. I am leaving a couple more seasonal songs that I thought you would like.

I too was introduced to Il Divo via a promo of “Regresa a Mi” and became an instant fan.

I now have all their albums except the latest (“Timeless”) and was lucky enough to be at one of their concerts.

Pentatonix is an a cappella band

• Winter Wonderland/Don’t Worry Be Happy – Pentatonix (featuring Tori Kelly)

Simon Khorolskiy with one of his six sisters – just thought you would like the theme

• Nearer My God To Thee – Epic Version (In Russian)

Phi Quyền Chính

Oh Dear! I was about to call it a break and take a long leave to reflect on everything…
My friend, what can I say! Thank you for drowning me, a little fool tiny old sand, with an ocean of young musical talents… You made me surfing and stare at Youtube for hours! The Pentatonix is so lovely, Its beatboxing is so nice and so natural! They even perform Christian carols too…Amazing! They are truly unique “Pentatonic scale” indeed!
– I only know just one or two Russian songs and singers, such as “- Million Roses sung by Alla Pugacheva ”

and my most favorite Russian Song and Singer “Cranes” sung by Mark Bernes,

which I posted to share with people in this Blog some years ago…


Thank you my friend, see you and everyone next year… Please take care!