PQC: What did I say? Under the nation-state and system power of Government, “people/citizens” are just the property, the guinea pigs of the State! And most of people are content to live such way! If you look at the so-called mankind’s history in which the life of overwhelming majority of people has always been dictated and used by the “State” (Lords, Kings, Queens). As a matter of fact, the State which is represented by a tiny group called Government virtually can do whatever they want to the people. For thousands of years from government made famines to wars, people have been obediently marching to self-destruction and death per order of government, and to this day and age this “paradigm” (order) has not been changed at all! This CovidScam with muzzle wearing, social distancing, lockdown, and forced injection… is not the first and will not be the last, as long as nation-state its government system of power still exist.


John B. Calhoun Film 7.1 [edited], (NIMH, 1970-1972)

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