PQC: As I have said categorically clearly that EVERY PROTEST and ACTION WITHIN THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT SYSTEM IS FUTILE! Because this is the war on the people, on humanity that has been waged by the Power system of Government IN WHICH EVERY NATIONAL GOVERNMENT has joined the same force and followed the same scripts!

Klaus and Bill and their Ilk are just front door mouthpieces of the real Government Power Control Cabal who controls the political system and politicians. Therefore it’s the power system of Government is the crux of the problem that we must fight to dismantle and abolish it ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Revolution to abolish the system of government is the only solution for all mankind.

If we don’t fight to abolish statism, we will waste our lives and our times like all our forebears who proceeded many revolutions to overthrow just the governments of the day only to re-established the same system of government power that are waging wars, producing crises, and oppressing and enslaving our generation right now.

If we fail to abolish this flawed, corrupt, and destructive system of government power, our posterity will have to suffer and will have to fight this kind of crime with government made crises like we are doing now!

There is NO solution within the system of government power! Revolution to abolish it is the only solution!