From weather control to fusion reactors, China is leading the world in technological development. Former UK MP George Galloway joins Rick Sanchez to share his insights. He attributes these successes to Beijing’s “synthesis of state power and Chinese capitalism” and that the US has much to learn from China.

PQC: Folks, the weather modification weapon is not new and It’s a fact. China has actually tested and used it years ago. So did the USA and the Russia and others. If you have never heard of “HAARP,” you don’t deserve to live on this planet of sheeple … Just kidding!

China Is Launching Weather-Control Machines Across An Area The Size Of Alaska

Is China testing a weather control WEAPON? Frenzy as bizarre orange lights filmed from jet

As a matter of fact, I did report this “new technology” (hint Nicolas Tesla!) in this obscure Blog in 2013: Especially the amazing cut-off interview of famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku:

HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare

However, you don’t need to take my word for it. Just search th Google with the word HARPP and you can have a bunch of “conspiracy” news and reports about this Weather modification technology:

However, the timing and the hyping of this “declaration” is very suspicious! I dare to suggest that it is a calculated and well orchestrated political move by China and the West to serve as a distraction and dividing (East vs West) psyop from the current Covid Scam! Bear in mind that the Covid scam is the collusion between China ChiCom and the USA-led Major Western governments!

And don’t even forget that the so-called “moon landing and walking on the moon” was a hoax! The “landing” was in 1969 powered by such a “powerful” computer system with only 64K of RAMs at maximum! (Even a humble mainframe with 16 CPUs and 128MB of RAMs did not exist at that time ). I remember Michio Kaku one said in an interview that he wouldn’t step in a space craft controlled by a 64K computer! Besides, even with current communication technology, we still have technical problem, I just wonder how on “moon” they had clear almost full duplex phone call communication in a distance of 384,402 Kms or 238,856 miles!

When I watched this “footage” the second time 20 years ago, after the first time on a B/W TV set in 1969 as a young student with astonishment and wonder, it stroked me as a a comical act that had made me a gullible fool. I know I was not alone but hundreds of millions even billions of people were and still are to this day!

Have you ever wondered, since then no other nation, especially the Soviet and now Russia and even the USA itself dares to repeat the “landing” even though the overall technology (space craft, rocket, and computing) has been advanced at exponential rate! Sometimes even faster than the Moore’s law would predicts. (Just do a comparison between your current cellphone and the (punch card and tape run) computer in the 60s, 70s).

Please use your brain and work it out by yourselves folks! I remember in 1986 when I first came to the Sydney Institute of Technology and saw my friend, a computer engineer student at that time, running a program at a B/W terminal whose screen displayed line by line at a very leisure manner! It was a a real wonder to me at that time!

CHINA, CHINA, CHINA, I am tired of hearing this! I will only truly “worry” about China “threat” when the Chinese stop migrating to the West in trove, and especially IF CHINA begins to assassinate and overthrow foreign governments that disagree with the ChiCom. Or at least China starts to build its military base abroad and their soldiers are roaming around to kill local, native people lawlessly and senselessly. Until then it’s the USA and the Jewish State have been the real threat to the world! (I did not forget Tibet and the Tibetans!)

By the way, if China truly achieved something like that, I am happy and wish them all the best! It’s about time!