PQC: As I have said mankind has lived under coercive Government system of Power with constant brainwashing under the fear of Government brutal force for so long that most of the people regardless of being well educated or not, no longer DARE TO THINK by themselves and for themselves. To most of people, obedience is not just about of fear, but a feeling of comfortableness and safety, especially a sense of herd or tribal “belonging” that override common sense and rationality. Consequently , as long as it is said, told, implemented, imposed, and ordered by Government (and MSM I must say) , no question needs to be asked. Scientific evidences, even facts in front of their naked eyes no longer matter at all.

One does not need to go to China, North Korea, or this Covid Scam to experience this. The J.F.K execution, the USS Liberty, the 911, the Iraq’s WMD etc have proved that Government, regardless of political label, will get away with everything lie and every crime. What have “we, the people” and their “democracy”, “rule of law”, “human-right principles” in the so-called “free world” responded to the cases of Julian Assange, Chealsea Manning, Edward Snowden who are their very own people? Don’t even dare to mention to them millions of Palestinians, Tibetans, Iraqis, Syrians, and other people have been murdered and millions have still been suffering at this very moment because such pack of brazen lies of Governments! Be it China, the USA-led West or the Jewish State! The simple fact is every government lies and commits crimes against the people even its own! The word DEMOCIDE is there for good reason!

Thousands of scientists, experts, professionals in the field of physics, chemistry, aviation, construction, architecture, together with eyewitnesses, first responders have presented evidences that the Governments’ narrative of the 911 is a pack of lies, a true mother of all conspiracy theory, so to speak… in vain!

20 years have passed, and the 19 Arabic Islamic terrorists with box-cutters and the pancake explanation of the Twin Tower and the WTC 7 collapse were already firmly written in the “history book” for students to learn and for PhD researchers and historians to refer to! Imagine 100 years from now! Like many of people, I had proudly swallowed my “heroic national history”, the history of World Wars with “diligence” until my brain started to function again and I convinced myself and decided to unlearn and relearn everything with utmost caution and care some 20 years ago.

One with the still functioning brain does not need thousands of experts to see the fact by witnessing the collapse of the WTC7 oneself! But ironically, even Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and many “intellectuals” refuse to see it! You know why, don’t you?

I go out to exercise and shopping almost everyday without a muzzle. In Melbourne, Victoria Australia, the criminal restriction has been “eased.” Muzzle is no longer required outside on the streets. But people still wear muzzle on the streets, in public parks, even while jogging, and still jump off the footpath when someone muzzleless like I am goes near them despite numerous scientific peer-reviewed studies and thousand doctors, medical experts proved the muzzle is health hazard! To be fair, there are quite a few shop owners, cashiers who are happy to serve muzzleless customers with a big smile and a friendly chitchat!

Though I am very pessimistic, I must put my hat off to and say thanks to all these courageous, patient, and very dedicated, devoted doctors, nurses, and activists who put their lives, their careers on the line to wake people up. I personally see very little effect from these tremendous efforts. But these efforts have given a true meaning of being human-being and do make life bearable./.