PQC: Well, I have to repeat the fundamental question that everyone must ask : CAN ALL THE RESET CONSPIRACY be possible without the role of the national government power? Why did Klaus Schwab himself call for national governments to take the “leading role” in this “benevolent plan” for all mankind?

Simply, because he knew and understood that only the national government exclusively has the brutal force to implement and impose every single step of such conspiracy on the people with the obedience and the consent of the people themselves! Without the system of government power all such conspiracy will remain just a daydream, or a pure rhetoric in some tower somewhere!

Folks, can you fathom the ironic fact that the NEW WORLD ORDER, the evil global governance has been carried out and implemented in every single step by national governments! (Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Some, e.g Max Igan even suggest that this conspiracy is planned by a reptilian race to take over this planet! Just like some retarded Yanky nationalist believe that North Korean Agents shipped a whole ship of vote to Maine for the Zombies!)

It’s mind boggling that such “intelligent people” have devoted so much energy and time to expose those individuals for ALL the harmful things, or rather CRIMES that their very own national governments and their thugs have been inflicting on the people under their very own national legislation (law)!

With such a “benevolent” system of government of power, who need evil reptilians?

At any rate, thank you for your exposing of such evil conspiracy with compelling evidences. Everyone knows about it now… then what? What are we going to do TO THOSE EVIL DOERS with such COMPELLING EVIDENCES ?

This compelling situation urgently calls for a true Revolution, but why does no one dare to utter the word, even well known “anarchists?”



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