Medicamentum Authentica Newsletter #6
December 3, 2020
Rally in the USA
Hello Medicamentum Authentica community,
This was a tough Thanksgiving. Governors around the country have tried to break up our family gatherings. This fall, governments around the world have tightened lockdown measures, enforced masks orders, require testing for school and work, and are threatening to mandate the vaccine. Plans have been announced to keep any who don’t cooperate with these measures out of work, unable to travel, and poor.  Recently, business owners across the country have been refusing to give in. In Buffalo, NY a group of local business owners led by Robby Dinero prevented the health department and police from breaking up their meeting by demanding their rights be upheld. In Staten Island, NY Mac’s Public House owners refused to close when told to. Even after being fined and losing their liquor license, they began serving free food and drink and relying on donations so they could keep going. We are very fortunate to have heroes like this to stand up for us. It is time for us to join our fellow brothers and sisters and stand up for ourselves. If we do nothing and just go along then it will be harder and harder to resist as things progress. Act now before you are barred entry from work and travel without getting weekly testing and the vaccine. Act now before all the small businesses are bankrupt and most of the people fall into destitution and dependency on government income. Join me this Saturday in Philadelphia to tell these politicians that we will no longer obey! I will be speaking live, in person, on the grounds of Independence Hall beginning at noon along with an amazing panel of inspirational orators. These include David Icke, Mark Passio, Jeff Berwick, Eustace Conway, Howard Lichtman, and more! It is so important that you come if you can.

One more thing before I leave you to work on my speech for the event. I would like to offer you a special 15% discount on a one year supply of my Shilajitt-Mumijo. The one year supply (in the larger bottles), is already discounted however, this year, I wanted to give you an extra discount to make sure you have enough to get you and your family though any possible future shortages or shipping delays this coming “Dark Winter.”   Order your Shilajitt-Mumijo here: For your discount, enter the following code at checkout: MakeWinterLighter2021 See you in Philly! Authentic medicine for all,
In peace,

 – Andy