Folks, I post this online meeting called by Max Igan to show my support and unity in an effort to push back this Government’s criminal CovidScam and its criminal murdering Lockdown. I have to make clear that personally I don’t buy all the “constitutionality”, “lawful-lity” (legitimacy) , and “patriotism” with “the piece of colored cloth” crap.

We don’t need the toilet paper called the Constitution to proceed a “lawful” revolt! Every revolt that against the coercive force that is not only against the people’s will but also is harmful to people’s life is legitimate by itself!

I agree with Max Igan that “If the governments weren’t there there won’t be a problem”… and that all the problems exist because Governments legislated them to exist!

The fact is that our children have been suffering from brain damage caused by vaccine not just because of those Rockefeller, Gates foundations and big pharmas but mainly because the government legislation that “LEGALLY” force all their poisonous substances into ours and our children bodies! Rockefeller, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates and their ilk do not have such absolute coercive power over the people at all! Just like the coming “covid injection!” It’s the bloody government, its laws, and its legal system that is going to force this shit upon us, the people!

Last but not least, I DO NOT RECOMMEND people to give away their personal details to anyone at all! I would definitely put a big red flag and big question mark on any person(s) or any group that demand people personal details just to join in for a great common cause! Especially against government ! If it’s a true great common cause, no need for such “controlling security measure!”

Anyway, folks, as always, I post all the things here so you can have a look and decide for yourself. The last word is always yours!



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