(UPDATED: this better version of this “Buffalo Of Kruger” with eyewitnesses’ comments was uploaded to several hours ago but has not been passed!!! It seems it was blocked because it delivers a vital message to mankind that the Power Should Not Be is so terrified of … By now, anyone still believes that Bitchute is better than Youtube must be sleeping! Bichute turns out to be just another kind of Government sniffing dog! Even if Bitchute may publish the video after having read this comment, it won’t change that fact! Remember that Bitchute has blocked at least two important video clips from this Blog)

Watch this alternative at YOUTUBE!!! Ironic isn’t it!

About seven years ago, I wrote this article in Vidish for my ex-chosen-tribe “Thói Quen, Tập Tính, và Văn Hóa” (Habits, Learnt behaviors, activities, and Cultures) in which I “quoted” this lesson that mankind must learn from the buffalo of Kruger!

Fear is a HABIT that can be overcome rather … quite…easily with just a single simple bold act. Yes, indeed It just needs a daring FIRST TRY and then it will grow into self-confidence and the true courage! And courage is indeed contagious. That’s why Governments everywhere will crush, ridicule, and demonize any act of defiance, disobedience, especially an act of fighting back at any cost, no matter how “small” and “insignificant” the act may seem! Because such act is inherently in itself the courage that will bring down any government, no matter how brutal, powerful, and well organized that government is! When such a small act of courage reaches a larger number of the population! It will be unstoppable, insuppressible
and become a General Revolution!

Anyway, this Video clip needs no word at all. It speaks loud and clear by itself!

Folks, please watch this short clip carefully and please take note at every single buffalo’s act and react to the threatening lions from the beginning until the end!

DO NOT FAST FORWARD, otherwise you would miss a true valuable lesson!