By Admirer

The Decision Point was quite clear in Feb/March when the Italian government published proof of a global mind fxck …. 99.99% survival causing dying octogenarians a cough in their last weeks. Clearly one of the main thrusts was going to be “vaccination”

The Decision is as follows: when order followers come threatening with trans-humanist, chimera and cyborg transforming potions will you defend your loved ones with your life? This is the end-game. I expect 80% will be cowards.

For several years I have thought that the Controllers are employing a big-data socio-statistical-historical computer model, exactly as described in Asimov’s Foundation novels. Only such a program could develop such a sophisticated multi-pronged attack on humanity. The model must have shown that human stupidity would win decisively.

There are quite a few lucid and knowledgeable persons who posit an alien artificial intelligence is behind current affairs. Not impossible.



Thank You Admirer for your comment. You are correct! In fact even before Italian government released first stats on so-called Covid deaths, quite a few people had seen the first phase was elderly culling , in which 99.99 % victims were octogenarians in nursing homes and hospitals who died of neglect and PEC. The rest .01 % is 60-70 “Covid related” deaths!!! In China the whole thing was staged per “order” to push forward and vindicate the “lockdown” to the Western world!!!…That’s how only some months later Wuhan celebrated with a Water Pool Party ! What a deadly pandemic that was!

“I expect 80% will be cowards.” You are so generous and optimistic in this assessment. I could see only 9% who will prepare to die on their feet with liberty and human dignity.

However, it’s not only a matter of being coward or brave, but more importantly it’s the question how many people do understand the true nature of this evil scheme? I suspect 90% have been enthusiastically and dutifully complying because they do believe the government narrative without questioning or any suspect at all no matter what, as always! No, Not everybody knows the game is fixed!

I have not read the science fiction series “The Foundation” by Isaac Asimov, but I learn from human political history that such a multi-pronged attack on humanity does not need to be “sophisticated” to achieve total submission of the population. Multi-pronged attack has always been used from ancient Egypt, China to this day in statist system, in every nation state. Some are more sophisticated than others. Look at China and North Korea! Look at the so-called Evangelical Christian Rights and Mormons in America! Look at the Muslims in Brunei and in Arab world! Or just look at the Lefts and Rights at the current US selection; you can see how stupid, brainless, and obedient the masses and their “intellectuals” are!

I’ve heard quite a few theories about the “alien-force.” Not impossible. I know everything is possible! But I don’t buy it at all. As I have just shown above: history proves clearly that to totally control human kind with their total submission is not difficult at all. The fact is that only a small fraction of humanity understand fully the concept of liberty and dignity to cherish them and ready to die for them. The rest is just liberty “scavengers” who will give it up for just anything e.g a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube account, a job…etc… They don’t need such “alien artificial intelligence” to control this planet of sheeple at all! They just need to work together to give the masses something to FEAR and something to BELIEVE… and pretend otherwise! This Covid19 has proved clearly this is the case! “THEY” do work together to attack humanity and pretend otherwise!

However, I do know for a fact that there has been a real mind-control force behind the so-called “political elites.” That’s why and how “we” have clowns, crooks, criminals, child molesters, and zombies as religious, business, and political leaders around the world!

Good, brave, principle, and moral people are almost always struggling and suffering from hardship and injustice! This is the fact of human political system of power from time immemorial!