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Connecting Counter-Economy Buyers With Sellers

27 Nov 2020

Seller Business Listings Are Free
Agorist.Market is now on IPFS
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This site is a simple and effective service for the Agora, connecting counter-economy buyers with sellers accepting various forms of payment outside the banking system.

Find what you’re looking for with our very simple search method on any of the pages linked from the main menu above.

Business listings are free for Agorist / Counter-Economy sellers accepting payment methods outside the banking system and not violating the NAP. This service is for those continuously selling, not individual items. Persistent broken links reported and no other method of contacting the seller will be removed, so it doesn’t get cluttered with dead links.

Buyer and seller feedback is on our Telegram channel at

Agorism respects the NAP (non-aggression principle).  If a seller violates the NAP, please gather the evidence supporting your case and email it. Proven violators will be removed.

Agorist.Market only sells Advertising which funds this site. You can contact us by email or visit our Telegram group

We don’t monitor what others do, collect personal information or have any involvement in transactions between buyers and sellers. We disclaim responsibility for acts of others.

Please email Freedom@Agorist.Market to report broken links.

List Your Business On Agorist.Market For Free

All business listings must not violate the non-aggression principle and include forms of payment outside the banking system, like: cash, crypto, silver, money order, barter, etc. Crypto exchangers must not require KYC. Obviously, credit cards, paypal and bank transfers do not qualify as a form of payment.

Need a place online to show off your stuff? You can set up your own Telegram channel at which is public, but others can’t post on. Next, post images, contact method and other information about your offerings. Your public link which can be viewed on any browser can be shared. Then, provide your business listing info in the format requested below.

If you need an online store accepting crypto without any KYC (know your customer) personal information requirements, consider setting up a store at one of the following:

  • where you can sell your products and services for Bitcoin Cash BCH
  • The decentralized shopping platform OpenBazaar and its mobile companion Haven which cannot be blocked by censors like website based stores. Its described in this review we found of web based and decentralized marketplaces selling for crypto without KYC. NOTE: we no longer recommend WeShopWithCrypto because the site and its support email are no longer responsive.
  • Please contact us with any other store platforms without KYC accepting crypto to consider mentioning here.

After setting up your OB/Haven store, return here to place your listing and links.

Please help this site grow by sharing it with everyone.

It’s easy to create your listing.

  1. Copy the following text into an email to Freedom@Agorist.Market or a message in our Telegram group @AgoristMarket. Listing have the following format:
         Business name
         Providing: Description of what you provide
         Contact: website url, email address and/or whatever else works for you
         Location:  If you sell at a physical location provide: Town, State/Province, Country. If you sell on the internet, also include Web Based. At least one or the other please.
         Shipping: Any shipping restrictions or benefits, like free shipping, or ships from town, state, country, if different than your physical location.
         Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
         Category: Choose one or two appropriate ones HERE. Category additions can be requested as needed
  2. Edit it with your info in English.
    1. Don’t include any dates or anything that will require maintenance
    2. Locations are in “Town, State, Country” format without any abbreviations (examples: United States, United Kingdom) and you may use “State, Country”, only “Country”, or Web Based if you prefer not to have a location listed.
  3. If you want to include a graphic, attach to the email YOUR IMAGE FILE (jpg, png or gif) not exceeding 160p wide or tall. If you don’t want to include a graphic, please state this with your info, so it’s not necessary to ask.
    1. Note, graphics much wider than tall will be reduced to about 160px wide and may be too small to read some smaller text.
  4. Then, push the send button.

To edit your business listing, email Freedom@Agorist.Market with the requested changes. An email will be sent to an address on your listing, linked website or an email at that domain for a confirmation reply. We don’t save any information from businesses placing listings. The changes will then be made.

New listings and changes will usually be completed in a couple of days, but may take as much as a couple of weeks while travelling. Your email will be replied to at the earliest opportunity.

Business listings with persistent broken links or violation of the NAP reported will be removed.

We reserve the right to refuse any business listing.