Folks, I did have a very good laugh as the land of clowns and the house of zombies keeps being in the headline with all the lies and nonsense! By now the Statist Cabal must have happily realized that “we, the people” plus their “intellectuals” are actually more stupid and more easily to be manipulated than they might have thought!

But I am not sure about those “intellectuals” such as The Saker, Jon Rappoport, Paul Craig Roberts etc have they realized that they have naively, stupidly even been HAD all a long? What a pity! Such valuable energy and brain power of theirs have been wasted on such obvious freak show of clowns and zombies!

With my hat off to this The Last American Vagabond, he is my anarchist fellow, no doubt. He has devoted hours after hours to painfully explain the obvious to his people in vain!

Has Ryan Cristian ever realized that when it comes to “government belief system” even those people with “big brain” are as blinded as sheeple. That’s how the Matrix works. The matrix works around the “core” belief: Government, Authority! Yeah, they don’t even know the basic is that big, medium, and small, limited , socialist, communist, capitalist governments are… government!

Have these “intellectuals” read history of (government) Power at all? All (government) power/authority, nations… began small, limited… the rest is history!

Yet, these “big brains” believe they were out of the Matrix and even dare to preach others how to live outside the Matrix!!!