In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the biggest asset manager in the world, BlackRock, finally admitting that bitcoin will take the place of gold. They also discuss perfect price discovery. In the second half, Max interviews bitcoin miner, Marshall Long, about the possibility of a hash war between the US and China as the US Comptroller of the Currency warns about China dominating the space. They discuss the true rate of mining supremacy and what the future for the sector holds.

PQC: Folks, I already wrote quite a few articles on this Bitcoin (crypto) issues. I will not repeat it here. This is one of my latest take some months ago on Bitcoin and the cryptos in general:

CryptoCoins and Bitcoin Will Rise Despite Pressure From Central Bank Big Whales

However, one thing I was wrong though for I did not take into account the fact that Bitcoin and the cryptos cannot exist and operate without the current structure of internet. And the current structure of internet cannot exist without the ISPs (internet service provider). In turn, the IPS cannot exist and operate without Government’s license and permission! You get the big picture?

Given the fact that the current government’s “Covid noose” is tightening in an unprecedented fashion around the neck of humanity and liberty with unprecedented public obedience , Governments can literally enact laws to ban all the cryptos all together. In this scenario, with the current IP system in which the ISPs have all the records of every “move” (+ time and place) of your PCs, that of your Cell-phones. (Not to mention the OSs (microsoft, android) have records of your every “click”).. Government thugs can come to your house and confiscate any computer (servers) that is “suspected” of having run “cryptos” … Even on the street as well as at the airports, virtually everywhere people’s cell-phones can be confiscated anytime for being suspected of having crypto wallet on it! Please don’t ever open your mouth and say “It’s won’t happen here!” Once they can LEGALLY and LAWFULLY beat you up for muzzleless with your “consent,” they can do everything to you!

The point is with the power of the state and the system of government power that people dutifully believe and blindly obey, THEY can do every “unthinkable” thing and get away with all that! One you let yourself be controlled, everything will be controlled.

Technically though, they cannot destroy and completely ban Bitcoin and the cryptos, but they can make it virtually impracticable to use Bitcoin (and the crypto) as medium of exchange in open market, even if with the People’s MESH NETWORKING is successfully completed and run! This government “disruption” alone can virtually kill Bitcoin (and the cryptos) as medium of exchange! Don’t even mention as a Cash payment system!

When THIS happens, Bitcoin is till there but useless and worthless! Just like the German Mark, the French Franc etc … Unless people wake up and throw this destructively flawed and corruptive system of government into the scrap heap of History.