Folks, this CHINA Covid news has been all over “this arse end of the world”s MSM” … You know what I mean, right?

But first, you must listen to the talking head between the line literally to get the REAL NEWS out of FAKE NEWS!

A country of first “Covid epicenter” Wuhan , and with the population of 1.4 BILLIONS (big B) people… But so far after almost a year has passed, China has only been “suffering” with 86,400 “confirmed cases” and the total death of 4,600 out of 1.4 Bbbbbillions!

And if you look closely at how these wonderful populous Chinese move around to conduct their usual daily businesses which is very very “busy” and “noisy” (I say this in a very positive way) to say the least I tell you… You must wonder how the stupid muzzles and the brainless social distancing ever actually matter at all! Remember, no vaccine…yet!

Have you ever been in China? You should at least once in your lifetime! If it was not for the ChiCom I would have preferred to live in China, the land of Lao Tzi and herbalism! The Chinese people with all the good and the bad are truly a remarkable and resilient people. I always wonder If they did not suffer a great communist blow with the so-called cultural revolution, in which ten of thousands if not hundreds of thousand Chinese true intellectuals perished, what would they have achieved today?

Did these Chinese really want to give the sheeple of the West a message with this Pool Party? I do believe they did!

Anyway, the ChiCom has played its leading role as Maestro in this Covid-great-symphony orchestra with perfection as the “Composers” requested! Now, you need the fourth, the fifth wave? The ChiCom will make it for you… Without the virus of course!