PQC: You see folks, a lot of “intelligent” and “brave” people, (almost everyone except anarchists) DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW POWER, especially THE STATE POWER operates…until it happens to themselves!

Glenn Greenwald himself and his Intercept have played with state power to censure and sell out other whistle blowers for years…Until now when it happens to himself…

State power is no Left or Right or rather it is both Left and Right… The Jewish Controlled Cabal does understand this very well! That’s why these “Jews” have been not only “supporting” both sides of the “politic” but also operating inside both sides! Because whatever side is selected and is in power… it’s the State/Government power that is still there in their “hands”, which is needed to pass “laws” to control the society and to implement their plans! That’s why and how THEY have always won all the time and will win no matter what…Only the dumbshit people have always lost and will loose regardless of whatever side they support.

Government has never been the Government of the people, by the people, for the people as propagandized, and never will be! History and reality prove that Government is of, by, and for the minority of crooks, psychopaths and criminal riches!