PQC: Folks, mark my words! This “new law” will become part of the new normal in the West and then in every nation-state. As I said this Covid19 is neither about the non-existent virus nor the “injection.” Covid19 is just a trigger and the “injection/vaccine” is just one of many tools … The end game is all about Government’s total control over people’s total submission. This is the long term plan! And Now It’s just the beginning. Think of the NEAR future: What NEXT after this Covid19? There will be more and more government made crises popping out to achieve the full submission of the population and to maintain the full control.

Food for thought: Why on the one side, it’s ILLEGAL for the people, the “owners” of the Nation, the “bosses” of the Government to use violent act even as self-defense against the other site, the thugs, the servant of the people, for who it’s LEGAL to use even extreme violence acts against the “owners” and “bosses?”