Folks, read the banner :””Contre la securité globale!- Révolte general” (against global security! General revolt!) Can you spot something “wrong” there?

GLOBAL Security but is carried out and implemented directly on the people by NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS and NATIONAL LAWS! So, Which one is ghost and which one is real? Can the so-called Global security even “exists” without National Governments?

Oh well, Klaus and Bill again! What? Who? REALLY?

Right now, Who are lying to you? Who are passing law after law to oppress you, to rob you, to enslave you and to force you to do harm to yourselves? Who are imposing inhumane acts upon you? Who are beating you up? Who are shooting at you? Who are stopping you to live normally and happily against your own will? Who are passing laws to support and protect big criminal Pharmas and big criminal Agri-coporates whose products are harming your health? Klaus Schwab, and his WEF, Bill Gates and his Foundation?

Folks, please, please, I beg you! Please USE YOUR BRAINS! Don’t just repeat other people words without thinking, analyzing, and double checking with reality in front of you!