People around the world have been oppressed and suffering both physically and mentally, psychologically by the hands of governments (covid policies and covid laws); and all of the people are facing to be forcibly injected with DNA modifying substance by governments… But all we’ve been hearing so far is about World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Bil Gates and their ilk … and selection fraud with clowns and zombies as if selection fraud were totally a new phenomenon! Like Authority and Law (legalese), Voting is dishonest and fraudulent by design to fool and enslave mankind!

“If voting could change anything it would be made illegal!”

Ryan Cristián at “the last American Vagabond” has spent hours after hours to explain this obvious to his people in pain and in vain!

The Covid plan is a total madness! The measures and the public obedience are pure stupidity! The “intellectuals” response to this crime and madness is just cowardice, absolute cowardice!

It’s all up to you folks! It’s your life, your freedoms, your dignity as human being too!