Folks, some months ago I raised the issue of censorship and privacy violation by WordPress with new “Agreement of services.” Now WordPress has begun to wield its machete on “undesired” bloggers..

I have no surprise at all. It’s just a beginning folks! As I said there is no right only temporary privileges. The government system is here for the few. Its fundamental duty is to support and protect the few to control and rule over the rest.

It’s an irony that the so-called “conservatives” who are staunch statists are now feeling the pain. Unfortunately, these “conservatives” still don’t get it at all. They have tried to paint this statist censorship as “left-right” issue as if this only happened to “right wing conservatives”, instead of recognizing this move is just a part of statist cancer!

WordPress, Youtube, Biychute etc.. though are “private” companies, but they have to operate under the government thumbs and must obey as “requested!” ..Otherwise ….you know what! I don’t blame this all on them!

Anyone of you -especially government loving “conservatives” remember this: I recalled Snowden (and Julian Assange) was condemned as traitor by “conservatives” (and others as well)…

The hard drives used to store documents leaked by Edward Snowden are destroyed in the basement of the Guardian’s London offices. Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian

LAVABIT Snowden’s privacy-oriented email provider shuts down under U.S. government pressure

Yeah! It’s always OK until it happens to you!

Ask yourself these questions :

Can I start a “platform” without permission/license from government?

Can government with a pretext come to confiscate my property and even arrest me?

As long as the State, Government exists over you, there is no liberty, no peace…

If you still love and need government.. stop whining! Enjoy what is left and while you can!

And by the way, stop your stupid China bashing as well. You and your government are not better than China in anyway, but even worse! Clean up and tidy up your own house before criticizing others!


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