(Please be patient. Bitchute needs times to vet my video clip even though it’s just less than 2 minute long!)

PQC: People are still dreaming! They still think Government would treat them as human being and as sovereign person as they truly are, and that they have rights: human-rights within the “rule of law!”

It’s all myths and fiction!

The reality is … They are just property of the State and guinea pigs of Government, which is essentially a big criminal gang! Those government lovers out there, deny this as much as you can! Just wait until it happens to you! First test: Dare you not wearing a muzzle!

You don’t have to wait for long… it’s all coming very soon when your Government declares the “vaccine” is “successful” and “safe!”

The bottom line is LAW is only “applied” when voluntary compliance exists. Brutal force will be used to establish absolute submission and obedience! That’s how government/state power works!