PQC: This is off the topic, but as far as the “bible” and “The Slaughter of The Innocents?” are concerned, I recall far back to the story of Moses (Exodus) , in which his bloody Jewish God murdered all the first-born sons of Egypt!

The Slaughter of The Innocents?

I am certainly not religious, but I have religious acquaintances.  I actually consciously gave up praying at the tender age of 8-years-old.  I had decided God must be dead, and it was a waste of time.

Logic took over for religion, and, as a child prodigy, I buried my mind in learning everything that didn’t have to do with school.  Eggheads are not treated kindly by other children and teachers, mistakenly, do not intervene in any bullying.  Damn—I just wanted to fit in—not shine.

That’s enough background.  Let’s jump way ahead:

Decades later, I decided to study writing.   I chose to study Stephen King’s prose. Because of him, I noticed something about fiction I hadn’t considered before.  In his book—Misery, a captive/kidnapped author was provided with a typewriter with a missing key.

I knew in my gut King had suffered through Missing-Key Syndrome at some time or other.  I badgered the issue in a chat that contained some participants close to him.  Lo and behold—he had had a typewriter with a missing key as a child.


It was then I began to understand everything called fiction had elements of truth to it.  I developed a quote all my own.



With that realization, I learned to respect fiction.  My logical mind tends to rip everything apart, looking for truth.  You might say truth is the bane of my existence.  Plato once said:

Let’s take another leap into the future.

As I said:

“I am certainly not religious, but I have religious acquaintances.  I actually consciously gave up praying at the tender age of 8-years-old.  I had decided God must be dead, and it was a waste of time.”

I am nearly 70-years-old.  I have 7 decades of recall [more or less].  I don’t remember every moment but there were many key moments I stored away for God knows what.  At the time, I kept them in that mental file cabinet of mine; I didn’t know why they were important—I just knew they were.


“Release year: 2019

A forensic psychologist partners with a Catholic priest-in-training to investigate miracles and demonic possession in this supernatural drama.”

In episode 13, A woman pregnant with twins is sure her boy twin is possessed inutero.  But that wasn’t what rapped on my brain—it was the phrase:

The Slaughter of the Innocents

I’ve lived the lie of “vaccines are safe and effective” since my baby boy was born in 1974.  My second-born suffered less damage because I could not take my firstborn anywhere, and nobody wanted to watch him for me; thus, I could not get my second baby in for his deadly treatments.

Knowing what I know about vaccine-injury and having a more complete historical experience with it than most folks  [knowing that babies and children have suffered terrible damage from the 70s onward], I can wonder out loud if what is being done to our children is nothing less than:

A Slaughter of the Innocents.

[Never thought I’d be referencing the Bible…]

Matthew 2:16

It’s ironic that the initial schedule pays pediatricians $400.00 per child to be fully vaccinated to the schedule [with the caveat that 63% of his/her practice be fully vaccinated by two years of age].  This results in at least $100s’ of thousands in payment for a pediatrician’s practice.

[Note that Herod demanded the extermination of all babies up to 2-years-old.  Plenty of babies die from these things, and even more suffer permanent damage.]

Notice that if a pediatrician reports vaccine injury and stops vaccinating the child, that child is excluded from his/her bonus.

Both baby girls and baby boys are included in these schedules.  However, it is notable that Dr. Theresa Deischer has said in the past that high levels of testosterone are synergistically problematic when mixed with these toxicants. M.D.s try to tell you babies just get a ‘little bit.’  A little bit looks like this:

And I think they may have added more since this graphic was created.

My firstborn suffered a lesser amount, but it didn’t matter.

The first time I held my beautiful baby boy, thoughts of how he looked like he had been lifting weights inutero crossed my mind—along with the belief that he must have loads of testosterone. 

With the shots they gave him, he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.  He was very susceptible and pretty hard to handle by the age of two.  Nobody liked to see our little family coming.  I’m sure people became exhausted watching me running around every second to insure he did not hurt himself or break their things.

I saw a video with Dr. Theresa Deischer discussing many things about these shots.  One of the facts she mentioned was that high-testosterone babies were more apt to be damaged by vaccines.  That first interaction with my own baby boy and his testosterone muscles came to mind.  In that video, she said a study had been done which suggested aborting high-testosterone fetuses.  I then thought I knew why they are vaccinating pregnant women.  I haven’t found the video, But a few of Deischer’s works are below:

Testimony Submitted by:

Dr. Theresa A. Deisher

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute


AVM Biotechnology

Sociological Environmental Causes are Insufficient to Explain Autism

Changepoints of Incidence

Theresa A. Deisher, Ph.D.*

Ngoc V. Doan, B.S.**

In the above paper, the starting point is off.  This has been occurring for nearly fifty years.  I know because they took out my children—our children—many children.

But they diagnosed our children as abused, not autistic.

42 U.S. Code § 5106a.

I refuse to call it Autism though

So am I religious?  I am more like that skeptical psychologist in that Netflix presentation of:

“Evil: Release year: 2019


A forensic psychologist partners with a Catholic priest-in-training to investigate miracles and demonic possession in this supernatural drama.”

I have questions that I didn’t have before.  I have seen things to which no one should be subjected.  I have doubts.  But they are doubts about what I have been taught—not about what I have learned.

I can say unequivocally that my children, my body, and our lives have been destroyed by these shots.  There are tests that can be done to determine which of us are at risk, but they are not done, and if anyone does them on their own, the results are not accepted.

It appears we’ve been had.

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