Dear Muslim terrorists,

I have been a huge fan of you even before what you did now called “the 911.” Don’t take me wrong. I love and admire what you have done not because they are great or highly sophisticated or state of the art method, technique, or strategy , but because they are so silly, crude, and primitive… but somehow so successful in getting full attention from the retarded people in the West!

The first thing I noticed about your “impeccable brain” is that you hardly attacked or killed the Jews although they are your arch enemies and the worst of all! But you Muslim terrorists have mainly focused on killing your own fellow Muslims and other Christians who have tolerated and accepted your fellow Muslims into their own countries. The Jews have never done that and never will. They despise you and hate you the most. For according to their belief, you Muslims are the worst of all Goyim! You know that!

I’ve been following you “Muslim terrorists” for (3) three decades, and noticed that every time the Governments of the Yanks and the Jews were in difficult situation you guys just happened to jump out from nowhere and did quite a few stupid but cruel things with just knives and car ramping …and the West’s media machinery would give your stupid acts a full attention you don’t deserve!

Just as right now. While free and brave people around the world, especially in the West have been putting their lives on the line to expose government Covid fraud and are trying to to push back the Covid criminal lockdown that has been inhumanely imposed on the whole world… and right at this critical time as government brazen lies and fraud have been exposed nakedly , you “Islamic terrorists” again jumped out from nowhere right in those countries with strong protesting movement, with just some knives and kill some innocent Christian people. Your timing and the chosen target are perfect! (See! I am your fan and admirer)

I know, I know… I heard you ! You and your “Muslim people” have been “provoked” with the old trick of “prophet cartoon and Qur’an burning ” etc..

Oh my dear “Muslim terrorists!” How silly the whole thing is! Don’t you see your colleagues “provokers” also have always acted at the right time their Yank and Jewish Governments need them too! These provokers knew exactly how and what your hothead fellow Muslims would react. The same thing has repeatedly happened many times over whenever the Western and Jewish governments need some distractions… some one to be blamed on…and there you are ready to terrorize, just in time!

I mean all is well calculated by the Yanks and the Jews and by… You, my dear “Islamic terrorist!” You and your masters must have understood how foolish and dumbshit many of your fellow Muslims are and how retarded many of their white Christian nationalists are!

This kind of cheap old trick would no longer work on other people.. You can burn a whole lot of Buddhist Sutras or draw billions of Jesus cartoons these days! It’s boring! Unfortunately, this cheap trick still works on your fellow Muslims as always!

I have especially noticed that you and your late supreme Jewish CIA/Mossad leader “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” have tried your best to make sure YOUR MUSLIM PEOPLE to be despised, and hated by all the rest of the world! That’s NOT so clever, but I have to admit it works like a charm since your poor backward fellow Muslims have fallen into this all the time!

Anyway, last but not least, I want you to know from a long time fan and admirer of you “Muslim terrorists” that I don’t blame it all on you at all! Those Muslim leaders are crooks and pigs just like every “leader” in this world! They know you well! We all know the Mk Ultra in which some of you had been before being killed/disposed by government thugs usually in a “shootout.” One Sirhan Sirhan survived and alive is too many for them!

Nevertheless, I wish you all the best when you come back as Johns and Janes to your families. Enjoy things while you still can! In the mean time, keep up your good works! You have plenty difficult tasks ahead, you may need to murder more children again, since free and brave people will never stop exposing and protesting against your masters.