When the “news” of a young “Russia-born Muslim refugee/migrant” allegedly decapitated a French teacher for showing a cartoon of Muslim prophet Mohamed, I smelt the kosher stench from this very neat “story” in All The Hates In One!. And now it turns out to be a big false flag which is serving as a distraction from anti-lockdown movement and as a new wave of Islam/Muslim bashing!

If you are a long time reader of this humble and obscure Blog you know that this blog defended the right of Charlie Hebdo to make a satire on whatever it so chooses even we had known that the Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris was a false flag! , (Flags False , Charlie Hebdo và Trial Tsarnaev: Cui bono ?) And that we also criticized the hothead fanatic attitude of the Muslims who fell in to this trap by the way they brainlessly responded to this classic Jewish trick. But above all, we pointed out and strongly criticized the double-standard and hypocrisy of European Countries and particularly that of France when it comes to “defending free speech”: It’s OK to make joke and criticism of sacred things of Islam but not the Holo-hoax! The European laws protect the right of a person to doubt, to question, to challenge, to ridicule etc everything … except the Holohoax! Not the fucking Jews, please!

Now this Charlie Hebdo false flag V.2 is much worse than the first. This time civilian “Christians” were employed in the “beheading” right inside the Christian Church in order to double the emotional and contrasting effect of the “clash of civilization” in the white communities, which have already been badly damaged by the Covid hoax!

However, as always, I must blame this on the stupid and coward Muslim leaders who have made this classic Jewish trick so successful all the time! Remember the ISIS? They all knew that ISIS is the creation of the Jews and the Yanks, but they kept their mouth shut and went along with this “narrative” in order to get paid from the Jewish-A, and to stay in power by exploiting the gullibility and hothead of their poor fellow Muslims! Edorgan and his son even did oil business with “ISIS” for the Jews and Yanks!

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And right now, instead of publicly declaring that the “incident” is NOT AN ACT OF A MUSLIM, and categorically denouncing such act as FALSE FLAG, and so calling for calm with prudence assessment of the situation so that NOT TO FALL into this Jewish trick and false flag trap again, , these Muslim leaders again get along and go along with the official narrative and incite their gullible Muslims to react foolishly …only to push Muslims falling deeper into this Jewish trap.

You people Muslims out there, tell me what will you gain from such jumping up and down every time you are provoked? Have you ever counted how many times? Why are you so easily to be provoked with such cheap trick repeatedly? Buddhists, Christians etc all have been satirized, mocked, and even condemned…but people just shrug it all of and go on with their usual business! That’s how civilized and truly religious (theoretically by definition) people behave: open-minded, amicable tolerant, and peaceful dialogue!

You Muslims must have known by now that you are in NO POSITION to win on whatever issue and in whatever front! Every time you Muslims knee-jerk reacted to this Jewish old time provocation, you lost in every front!

You Muslims are so weak in every aspect because you are so backward! You are so backward, NOT BECAUSE OF YOUR “GENETIC DEFECT” as the Whites and the Jews wish to believe and have so propagandized , but because your religious false belief and your so-called cultural beliefs have held you back and made you so divided and hate each other!

You have talents and the numbers, plenty of natural resources. Have you ever wondered why you remain so poor and backward and have been screwed up by the Yanks and the Jews for so long?

Look back at your own “leaders”, your own “government”, Your own “values”!

Stop blaming the Yanks and the Jews, we all already know they are evil!



Date: 12/01/2015Author: Phi Quyền Chính