How many times I said right here in this Blog that ALL YOUR “LEADERS” are servants of the Jewish controlled Cabal, who are playing Left and Right to fool you all with “benevolent democratic government.” And that you, have brought it all upon yourselves. So, If you keep blaming it all on the Jews, just watch, listen to this facts and go and do the factcheck yourselves. They all are your “fellow citizens,” idiots! Without your belief in this organized criminal system called Government, the Jewish controlled Cabal cannot do a thing at all!

Ask yourselves now that you know it’s all about the Jewish controlled Cabal.. You now know that Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and all their ilk are Cabalist agents blah blah blah? WHAT WOULD YOU DO ABOUT IT?

You would not dare to touch them! As a matter of fact You cannot do a thing at all! Why? Because You know that your Government will crush you if you do!

The Government System is of them, by them, and for them! This has always been this way and will ever be!

The fact and truth is without the people’s belief in system of government power, those psychopaths such as Kim Il Sung and his family, Mao Tse Tsung, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Pinoche, Duterte, Donnie the Clown, Binden the thugs etc would have been back to their right place: two bit thugs in some corner of some street somewhere!

Democracy, benevolent government … It’s all a Dream, and “You Have to be Asleep to Believe it”…You are sleeping.. Wake the fuck up, idiots!