How could a very small minority of Khazarians who has been despised and was oppressed and persecuted by the “superior” Christian Europeans themselves, was able to take control not only all over “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” – but as a matter of fact, the whole major modern Western countries literally?

Despite their very small population, how have they been able to occupy most of crucial, critical positions in every major institution and industry, especially in the USA?

How has this Jewish Power been established and developed over the years particularly since the end of WWII?

Could they have done this so successfully without the complicity of the white so-called “elites’ (a.k.a crooks, thugs, psychopaths or in short politicians-government)?

Could they have done it without the political power structure called government system of Authority?

Without the natural flaw and natural corruptness of the system of Government power, could such Jewish Power exist or be established at all?

It must has been that either these Jews are indeed really so smart, or YOU, the “White superior race”, are not “superior” at all after all as YOU would think about yourselves!

By the way, before these Khazarians came around, it was your own “blue-blood” race that had screwed you up all the time! And they still do it to you right now in the service of those Khazarians! Just look at your dear criminal stupid clown in tweets and his family in your whorehouse!