No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth” -Plato

Learn the truth.
Before you die.
All you were taught,
Is a blatant lie. (Anonymous)


Folks, You can see that thousand years ago even Plato, the “father” of Western statism and the worshiper of state power, felt the heat of statist power and its sheeple himself! After all, Plato witnessed the trial and the forced death of his teacher, Socrates, by the State and its sheeple on the charge of “mocking of the Gods of the State” Asebeia:

((ἀσέβεια; asébeia). The Greeks punished violations of the reverence due to the gods. Theft from temples ( Hierosylia) was subject to particular sanction; desecration and mockery of divine objects were together treated as asebeia. In Athens, as a political measure, accusations of asebeia for irreverence towards the state gods were particularly levelled against natural philosophers and sophists. Their project of explaining the world and putting in question all traditional assumptions seemed to threaten the order of the state)

In the East, the father and worshiper of statism is Confucius, who himself was a victim of statist power!

The truth that has been proven by past and present is that being moral, being truthful, being compassionate to other fellow human beings ..all are detriment to a successful material life on this statist planet!

All humane virtues are not compatible with statist government system of power.

Think about this Folks!