PQC: For the past few months I have noticed that some retarded white Yankee nationalists have trolled this Blog. However, they are not the only clowns and boot-lickers that worship authority in town. A bunch of Leftists and its BLM are their “equals!” You cannot fathom how retarded these white nationalists are, and how they ,Left and Right, hate each others, until you watch this: Even Jon Rappoport, Paul Craig Roberts have been falling into this “clown’s dung!” Regrettably indeed!

PS: At any rate, I doubt the intelligence and wisdom of this Jesus of Nazareth! He was supposed to love everyone equally! But, he somehow just loves these white Yanks exclusively! Perhaps because these Yanks are the chosen ones!

Holy shit! I thought the world has been suffering enough already because of the other chosen ones! No wonder!!!