Thousands of people have joined the so-called “Freedom march,” millions joined in protesting around the world! Even thousands of nurses, medical doctors, medical experts have risked their careers, their family safety, their own lives to come forward and expose the unscientific, unproven “facts” in the official Covid19 narrative. To be precise, these brave and conscientious nurses and doctors have explained to the people of the whole world with scientific facts about this scamdemic with non-existent SARS-COV-2 virus. Especially front line nurses and doctors have informed the world about the deliberate killing of people, especially the elderly, for the sake of Covid19 statistics! But all to no prevail!

National Governments around the world just ignored everything and doubled down on every step of their way despite having been exposed of deliberately inflating the death tolls and “positive cases. The MSM keeps pushing the official narrative deeper, and even weirder with fake news social shaming, demonizing any one challenging their lies and fake news. And mainstream social media have brazenly imposed shameless censorship.

While all the so-called intellectuals, alter-media pundits and activists… deliberately ignore the fact that IT’S THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SYSTEM OF POWER that has been oppressing people and destroying people lives with brutal force, and consolidated their absolute power of the State and government institutions. Instead, these supposed truth tellers just keep futilely exposing Bill Gates, World Economic Forums’ Klaus Schwab and their ilk, while all national governments around the world keep tramping their boots on people faces! With the certainty of the forced injection is on its way very soon!

Yes, supposed that the majority of people now got their “exposé”, and agreed that it’s Bill Gates, World Economic Forums’ Klaus Schwab and their ilk planned this crisis all for years… Then what? What is the solution? How to push it back? Calling for governments to arrest them? Writing to congress, parliamentarians? Voting for new politicians? Going to “supreme-high” Courts and lottoly waiting for their judgment?

Not a single intellectual/activist dares to categorically call the government right out with their obvious crimes against humanity, much less correctly and neededly to call for all government to be dissolved and to process and proceed a true revolution!

These supposed to be brave truth tellers, principled freedom lovers… all stopped short at calling Government and its crimes right out!

Don’t they know and understand that it is the government system of power that allows all this to happen? Of course they do!

Don’t they know and understand that Bill Gates, his Foundations, Klaus Schwab, his World Economic Forums and all their ilk have implemented ALL OF THEIR PLANS, big and small ONLY through national governments! Of course they do!

Don’t they know and understand that without nation-states, national government system there is no United Nations? Of course they do!

Don’t they know that there is NO DEEP STATE at all, but ONLY the NATION-STATE that operates with dual layers (which are the public institutions in open in one layer, and a secret operations behind closed doors at the other layer), and that its ever motif or paradigm is called Hegelian dialectic? Yes, they do, and No, they don’t. Because they still believe that there somehow will be a legitimate, good small government! They believe that the public/government institutions in the open is “true good state/government”, and that is different from the secret operations which run by a “deep state!” (Talk about “intelligence” vs “wishful thinking” Folks! Let’s imagine a “good state/government” under a criminal stupid clown or a dementia criminal fool, or a crazy mentally sick bitch…Your call folks!)

Don’t they know and understand that without national governments there will be NO New World Order? This , I bet my life that they DO NOT KNOW and DO NOT UNDERSTAND at all!

Without the national government power, without the system of statist power, no such plan can ever be planned, much less having been being implemented without a glitch as we all are witnessing and experiencing it right now with our own lives! All thanks to the power of the state, the people false belief with fear in government.

Why? What are these supposed to be fearless and smart persons afraid off? (As far as I could remember, only Chris Hedge has called for a general revolution, but for different reason and purpose)

I leave the answer to the question to you, folks! If you do SEE all the facts in front of you; If you do know and understand the dangerous flaw of the criminal incompetence by design of the government system of power, you would answer the question correctly and the you know what to do in the coming days…Otherwise, be my guest.

Might I ending this “rant” by re-reminding you again that WE all HAVE ALREADY BEEN under the New World Order with all national police states! That TOTAL CONTROL is the end game.. All other “crises” are just their tools, their means. There will be more and worse crises than this Covid19, trans-humanism in the future as long as nation-state and its government power remain the pillars of our society’s structure!

There is no long term solution except to get rid of statist system!



By the way, Anarchism IS NOT A POLITICAL IDEOLOGY or POLITICAL THEORY. Anarchy is a very SIMPLE, NATURAL way of life of every being, not just human being!

You can see ANARCHY in every creature living around you. All creatures naturally yearn for freedom and act as much freely as they can. We all want to be free ever since we were children. We all tried to get out of parental control and “protectiveness” as much as we could! And as adult, we always try to act and interact with our fellow human beings freely as much as we could. We all try to carry out our own business with others in an as much free market way as we can arrange! We all want free speech, free choice, free association. No one wants to be dictated and controlled by others. That’s how and why brutal violent force is a prerequisite tool to “govern.”

Everyone of us is anarchist by nature, but has been hard wired to slavery by cultural traditions and indoctrination, even an ardent statist still retains the anarchist consciousness!

*Anarchy, just like many words such as “pedophile,” has been misused, abused, and demonized by the power-that-should-not-be and by the very not so-intellectual class. They have devolved the word “anar-chy” (no ruler) down to and conflate with “chaos” and “disorder”.

*pedo-phile= loving, having a fondness or affinity and caring for children, as in Franco-phile, Anglo-phile etc become and conflate with “child abuser,” “child molester!”

Opposite, antonym to “PHILE” is PHOBIA= fear of, intolerance or aversion for…

Demo-cracy = people rule themselves, become people ruled by force of the representative few!

The ever biggest unanswered question for anarchists is “How anarchy would come about? How to get THERE from HERE.” I will try to offer my own suggestion in the next post!./.