PQC: Very interesting analysis. However the conclusion is traditionally pathetic with the obvious missing link: Government!

Again, what about Government role in all this?

-Why has no one ever asked why these riches and powerful have always had their operations done by Governments?

-Why does no one dare to analyze the role of government, the system of government power that directly carries out these “operations” for the “riches and the powerfuls?”

-What should we do with such flawed and dangerous system of government that always serves the riches and the powerful at the suffering of all the rest?

-What’s about solution? How can we stop these “riches” and “powerfuls” doing such crimes against humanity?

Oh! I got it! We can stop these criminals by keep voting for criminal stupid clowns and criminal dementia psychopaths! Yeah right! Good politicians will save us with good legitimate small governments!

Such an intellectual idiocy!

BTW, the reason I put these “riches” and “powerful” in the quotes, simply because without the support and protection of system of government power, this minority (1%) would have never been that “rich” and “powerful” at all!