Yesterday, my grand nephew rushed to alert me about something “strange happened” to his PS4 after having been updated!

He told me that the On-Off Microphone button is no longer there! That means microphone is ON all the time!

I explained to him that:

“You kids are not their main targets, it’s your family, your surrounding activities are!... And that any so-called “user” out there can dob in not only you but anyone, everyone, in the family whose voices have been recorded through You kids’ microphones without their “knowledge” and “consent” … and with voice recognition software (algorithm) they would know exactly who said what at what time and where! And right now this conversation between you and me is being recorded, but I say loud and clear to them, those bloody government sniffing dogs who listen to this that YOU DOGS, GO TO HELL, I am not afraid of you thugs at all!”

You see folks, while the useful intellectual idiots have been distracting you with all the trivial “news” and stupid “Bill-Gates, Economics Forum analyses”, the government/corporations surveillance dragnet is closing in and the government total controlling system has been rooted in deeper and deeper in every minute!

So, Be my guest! Go and “vote” your favorite national “savior!”