Government CDC new “Trick” about Covid Hoax and Ben Swann fell for it!

This is a very professional disinformation technique! Do you understand why?

Why did CDC “expose” itself in a very formal and official manner by posting a “scientific study” on its own failed masks policy, which people with a functioning brain already knew years ago?

Because if you accept this “story” of “failed and dangerous masking” and jump for joy saying “See! I told you so about masks”… You deem to accept that the fake-non-existent SASRS-COV2 does exist and so it does harm people and does cause death! Yes, that ‘s all they need. Except it does not!

They NEED people to accept that there is a Covid19 even without the need to carry out the indispensable prerequisite KOCH postulates based -isolation and purification to define a virus!

As long as the masses accept the existence of the non-existent virus, then the whole criminal things they have done to all of us is legitimate and justified even with the indirect confession on the muzzle wearing that is just a good intention “mistake!”

As always, the last word is yours, folks! Please think, think very hard folks! It’s your life, it’s your liberty are at stake!