Coronavirus concept. Covid-19 cartoon character with toilet paper.

Any discussion or debate about this current government-made power driven crisis called Covid19, that based on the premise or rather an assumption that there were a virus SARS-COV2, is false and misleading if not a deliberate fraud.

There is no scientific evidence of such virus exists at all. No Koch postulates isolation and purification of such virus has been done! Thus , to debate about a non-existent thing is not only futile and stupid, but dangerously misleading. This a red-herring trap to divert attention from the unprecedented government crime against humanity at global scale!

If you join such “faith-base” debate about a non-existence virus you are automatically deemed to accept that such non-existent virus exists, YOU fall in to a trap of the culprits, the criminals themselves! You swallow their false narrative and legitimize this unprecedented crime against humanity; you justify their criminal brutal action.

A true debate that we need urgently right now is about whether the Covid19 exists or not at all. If so, HOW did we know that it exist? Where are all scientific evidences of its existence? Why has the usual text-book Koch postulates isolation and purification of the virus not been done? If there is no scientific evidence of such virus existence, then WHY all national governments have imposed totalitarian measures on the whole global population in a so convergent manner?

So far all we’ve “known” about such “novel virus” are just words from government officials with inflated fake death tolls and false positive cases… and the stupid dangerous lockdown with censorship and government thugs’ brutality!

This is not a mistake; not an error of judgement. It’s their plan that has been well executed by all national governments around the world to totally enslave mankind completely!