PQC: It’s worth a lot!!!

“People” support them. Yeah “we, the people” need jobs, income, and profits (apart from “the roads”!) and Government needs POWER! So, the hell with victims! Who cares?

That’s why Governments cover them up, passing “law” after “law” to protect them. They are hands in hands with governments and politicians around the world in carrying out DEMOCIDE, not just by waging wars, but directly and indirectly in different covert forms, methods, and styles! The so-called vaccination is just one of them!

Governments and Laws are there by them and for them, not the people, the victims.

Seeking justice in and under system of government is futile and… so silly.

Expecting, begging (petitioning) Governments to right the wrong they purposely do is… (you fill the blank folks). I run out of vocabulary!

What did Mussolini say? What did Etienne De La Boetie say? What did Pierre-Joseph Proudhon say? It seems no one wants to know! No one dares to know!

These crimes, atrocities, this DEMOCIDE in different forms and covert methods and styles, will never end unless the people end their belief in government, and dismantle the system of government power all together.

What’s It Worth?

The New England Journal of Medicine has come out with slap-‘em-down suggestions/punishments for those who won’t or can’t get the shot’s

Those suggestions are here:


They want to:

Here’s what is in the graphic, so that those requiring translation apps can utilize such services.

Nevertheless, because of the infectiousness and dangerousness of the virus, relatively substantive penalties could be justified, including employment suspension or stay-at-home orders for persons in designated high-priority groups who refuse vaccination. Neither fines nor criminal penalties should be used, however; fines disadvantage the poor, and criminal penalties invite legal challenges on procedural due-process grounds. .


If they do not have the genome for what they are selling, they cannot call this a vaccine. Since it is not a vaccine, the rules are different. If this shot injures anyone, they can be sued.

Now I see why those pushing this shot were requesting a specific indemnification from the shots relative to COVID.

I put my two cent’s worth here:

Let’s see if they approve it.

And again—for those who use translation apps…

“It is appalling that these people seek to terrify the population in the US suffering from vaccine injury.  My children, my body, and our lives have been destroyed by your shots.  I can take no pharmaceutical products because the same toxicants that are in the shots are laced throughout pharmaceutical product lines.

I had a brilliant future ahead of me. I began studying genetics as a child and my desire was to become a genetic researcher.  I had a documented IQ of 134 at the age of 13.

I declined a free pass to Med school at the age of 23. Something was terribly wrong with my toddler in ’76. My babies were in the first wave of vaccine-injured children. In the 70s/80s, children were not Dx’d autistic; they were Dx’d abused. I call it vaccine-induced brain damage, and we were tormented for what was done to us.

Article about 42 U.S. Code § 5106a.

There are so many vaccine-injured I find it impossible to believe you people do not know your crimes.  The statements in this article are crimes against humanity and violate the Nuremberg Code.”

Don’t they realize they have killed and maimed too many people to pull this off?  Maybe they do and that’s why rumors and articles of possible military interventions are flying.

Yep—lock ‘em down and shoot ‘em up…

To my way of thinking, GESARA is the NWO in sheep’s clothing. GESARA is run by the [now notorius] UN, and the NWO was supposed to be run by the UN.

Another point is made here:

How many of us don’t know that the pharmaceutical industry has corporate-captured all the regulatory agencies it requires to get anything they want through the doors? So, folks, the vaccine industry is pulling the strings behind all those people you are supposed to trust.

Many of us are able to research the science and ‘see’ for ourselves.  I know I trusted MDs up until a few years ago when I decided I could find no MD intelligent enough to figure out why I was dying.  Who knew that I would discover it was MDs’ tools-of-the-trade that was killing me—pharmaceutical products.  One MD even appeared angry that I was improving.  That was a mind-blower.

One online friend had this to say tonight.

“u should be rich u are so brilliant.”

She’s right, and I think of how my whole family should be set for life had it not been for those damned shots.

So, hey… I want to know…  What was it worth to those stockholders to ruin our lives?  How much did they make off of our misery?

How much was each offspring worth?  [I had two.] 

How much did you make off of my body?

What’s our cut?

So 20% of us will tremble in fear and horror at the thought you want to finish us off. 

And you think you can couch your intent in words like: care; concern; Health; public good, and so on. Just like these guys did?

Murderous medicine: Nazi doctors, human experimentation, and Typhus


You people are in violation of The Nuremberg Code.

You are committing Crimes Against Humanity.

Leave us alone.

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