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Hi my friend. There’s so many awaken, yet not enough to push it forward to make the system fall. Here in Portugal I see more and more, movements as well, yet we are still the minority and many like me, brutally fragilized and impoverished. Abandoned by their own families. The National Healthcare is falling, doctors from all specialities are being send home and hospitals emptied. No appointments other than “Flu related” scheme ones. It’s a disaster l cannot endure. This is war, only that blind histericovidians can’t see. Even that now its more than brutally obvious. Kind regards from this faded soul, writing to you from a temporary shelter at a friend’s couch.

My friend DADA,

It’s a relief to hear from you with your still sharp thinking, despite everything you are enduring!

Anyway. do you know WHY this Covid Scam is very UNLIKELY TO BE PUSHED BACK, despite MILLIONS of people protesting worldwide, especially in Europe? (Forget Asians, they have been slaves all their lives. Just like the people in the “allegory of the cave”. Asians do not have a concept of freedom, personal (individual) sovereignty)

My answer is: Because, as the matter of fact, those “protesting” actually means “begging for understanding and mercy” from Government. Those protesters did not think THIS IS GOVERNMENT PLOT against them! They think it’s just Government “mistake, error, misjudgement”, and it’s Bill Gates and his ilk are the main evil culprits! Even Max Igan has been flip flopping about this! Even the loudly declared anarchist James Corbett does not dare to expose Government key role in this obvious total power grab plans.

So, what we all have seen so far are NOT REALLY a FIGHTING back against this Covid Scam of Government and its thugs! NO ONE , no intellectual, writer, etc dare to EXPOSE the TRUTH about the very SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT and its thugs that have been directly imposing, inflicting damage on people lives in order to establish a permanent totalitarian police state.

Yes, make no mistake, a permanent totalitarian police state across the globe is the end game.

This Covid Scam is just one among many of theirs. Their will be others in the future as long as this system power of government remains to be human only social structure. For power begets power; power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thus those in power will never stop to play tricks to consolidate, maintain, and expand their power. And they will stop at nothing to achieve their ultimate goal!

Covid19 and all the stupefying, devolving injections, and everything else that are coming, are just some of their tools and their toys to enslave mankind! Bill Gates and his ilk are just their disposable window marionettes! Remember Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein!

DADA, you should find time and carefully listen to the conversation/discussion between Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Andrew Kaufman on vaccines, hydrogel, and Secret Government Programs.., At least more than one time! Dr Kaufman seems having been able to see through the fog of Covid19, vaccine etc and spot the true culprit and its end game: “Government role and its plan for absolute power”

Without Government Power, the power of the State, NO EViL can ever inflict so much damage and suffering on humankind so easily and smoothly like this. But thanks to system of Government, even those two bit clowns and sick individuals like Hitler, Stalin, Ho ChiMinh, Mao, Polpot, Rossevelt, Truman, Clinton, Bush, Sadam etc…were able to murder hundreds of millions people just with a stroke of their pens, or even just by uttering a noise from their mouths, without a glitch..

Could Hitler, Stalin, HoChiMinh, Mao Tse Tung, Polpot, Rossevelt, Truman, the Clintons, the Bushes, Sadam Husein etc so successfully be able to carry out such atrocities without power of government, power of the state that their people believed in?

With system of Government power that people falsely believe, any stupid coward two bit thug can “legitimately” beat people up, shoot people dead without any resistance from his victims at all, just because this thug is in government uniform! Can a thug do that to you in daylight in public, in front of your family without government uniform? You see, it’s the people who stupidly give these clowns, psychopaths and their thugs the deadly power that they never have by themselves!

Think about this DADA! Read Étienne de la Boétie “The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude” if you have not done so! I urge you and you folks out there, please read “Voluntary Servitude! This is the source of all wars, injustice, sufferings, and oppression that humankind has endured and pout up with for thousands of years!

Right now just look at a bunch of criminal clowns called politicians in the USA who have been incited social, racial unrest while slowly imposing the Covid “measures” on the people. Look at those stupid Americans who are now killing each other for the clowns and the crooks! How pathetic and hopeless they really are!

And look at Armenia and Azerbaijan right now: poor people in both countries have been deliberately murdered “with Covid19” and bombs, shells, by both Governments just like guinea pigs…but for what? Is that “people wish and will?”

DADA, please, ask yourself: who is causing your current suffering? Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Business forum etc.. or your government, your legal system, its “laws”, and its thugs?

In one word, I don’t think “protesting” against “Covid measures” can be interpreted as “awakening” or “being woken up” at all.

Awakening or being woken up in this unprecedented crime of government against humanity, must mean exposing and fighting back against the matrix of system of government and its thugs. No less! Otherwise everything is futile. At least Max Igan concurs with me on this!

(side note: I did attend the first two “protests” to support them and show my solidarity. But when I saw people waving national flags and just looking on while their fellow protesters being assaulted then dragged out by the government thugs… I went home)

Anyone who is just solely focusing on “Bill Gates”, the “virus”, the “injection” alone without mentioning and exposing the fundamental, indispensable criminal role of national governments in this global evil Covid scheme, is either naive, ignorant or a real statist crook and statist gate keeper himself/herself!

I am convinced that, through his own words from various interviews, Andrew Kaufman has truly woken up! He realized the criminality and evilness of Government, and has been trying to get out of the matrix of government system of power. But I am not sure about Carrie Madej and other Doctors! Since these brave but not so (socio-political) intelligent doctors still cling on the toilet paper called “constitution” and a bunch of crooks called politicians, despite these toilet papers are already being in the cesspool, and politicians have revealed themselves as a bunch of clowns, liars, crooks, and psychopathic child molesters (not pedophile)

Anyway, as always, it’s all up to you and other folks out there. The last word is always yours.

Take care DADA