PQC: Joyce Bowen is right and correct that the injection will not make Human V 2.0 but Human V .05. But I said the System of Government Power has devolved human down to guinea pigs and thugs even before the “injection” will take effect! As I also said, normal democratic protest will never work. Look at this and remember it, because it will be much much worse when the “forced injection” comes very soon!

Oh Mussolini! You were so correct on democracy! It’s truly a fallacy!

Military will be involved in distributing Covid-19 vaccine, UK health secretary confirms

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock said the UK government is “working as hard as we can” to get a Covid-19 vaccine ready, and he confirmed the military would be involved in “making the rollout happen.”

Speaking at a virtual Conservative Party conference about the pandemic, Hancock said the “armed services” and the contact-tracing app NHS will both be implemented in deciding how to distribute a potential vaccine “according to clinical need.”

“We have set out the order in which people will get it, we have set that out in draft pending the final clinical data,” he said, adding the contract tracing app has received 15 million downloads since being launched last month.

“It’s gone off the shelf like hotcakes, like digital hotcakes,” he said of the app.