PQC: This truth with facts is absolutely beyond ordinary people’s comprehension! That’s why the more horrendous crimes they committed the easier they got away with! Not to mention nationalism and patriotism are always there to protect them!

About “education!” Oh my! I spent (wasted) 8 years (1987-1996) in different universities in Australia to study in different disciplines, only to find out that it’s not education at all. Indeed, it’s just indoctrination camps in disguise! And a degree is just an indoctrination certificate, a “clean” bill to prostitute yourself literally to government and companies!

If you come up with a real original thesis (dissertation) that truly queries and investigates into real current world system, “they” would apply different kind pressure on you to “soften” you up to change your thesis “voluntarily” and gradually. But the worst is when your first literature review is “commented” by the “panel” that it has “conspiratory tendency!” This is the worst academic sin of all, and is absolutely forbidden! That’s why I always wonder how Dr David Irving got through with his historical revisionist thesis!

Since government system is an exclusive club of psychopaths and crooks, the best place for a decent person with intelligence and integrity in this statist world is either jail or a life of hell.

Look around you and around the world! All the so-called VIPs and big-shots are crooks and psychopaths, unless one somehow regains the humane decency and conscience and get out of such inhumane club! It’s hard because the price to pay for getting out is often so high!

Your integrity and conscience must be discarded before you are allowed inside the club. You would become not only useless but dangerous to the system if somehow you regain your conscience.

German Journalist Who Blew Whistle on CIA Media Control Drops Dead at 56

Ronald Bernard, Dutch Banker Who Exposed Illuminati, Found Dead

Thus my dear friend Joyce, your fate and destiny were set and sealed the day you were born with such intellectual gifts, personality and characteristics that are absolutely incompatible with the government system of power, which by design, is always run by criminal clowns and psychopathic crooks!

Thank you very much Joyce for sharing such painful but valuable experience with us!

Folks, read carefully, think deeply, and decide what to do for yourselves and your children! Please, don’t be silly and waste a lot of years like I did! I was just a stupid nationalist as every nationalist is!


Human Experimentation, Chapter 2

A few days ago, I wrote this

Put An End to Human Experimentation


For my internet friends who met me 3 or 4 years back, you knew me as a sick, crippled, dying, little-old lady.  I was still chasing the ‘American Dream,’ promoting and publishing my writing.  I actually believed that ‘condition’ existed. 

But it was just another disease.


If you came up to me 4/5 years ago and tried to tell me these things I’m telling you here.  I, most likely, would have helped put the straight-jacket on you.  But brushing death changes things, so I went looking because I wanted to know, “Why?”

Three years ago, I wrote this:

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of *********

https://joyce-bowen.com/2017/09/17/i-pledge-allegiance-to-the-flag-of-the-united-states-of-predation/embed/#?secret=qyuUAAfV3F I was getting closer…

I had begun to understand my young school days were more of an indoctrination process than anything else.

I was right

I have to give you some background on me in order to hope you will even consider what’s in this article.   I only do this because life thwarted me in the pursuit of any PhDs.  But there is no Ph.D. in genius, and that’s what I am.  You are either inflicted with it or not.

Lest you forget, I am an intellect born to poor folks. I’m reposting my records collected when I was 13 years of age.

[Ph.D.s appear to be important to folks.]

“Joyce is no school behavior problem but she is underachieving. She is intensely interested in her hobbies. She raises and breeds tropical fish, hamsters, and experimental mice. She has done a great deal of research for her hobby and finds it a tremendous source of satisfaction. She hopes to go into research and her dream is to work at Bar Harbor where they are doing “tremendous things” in genetics.

Testing reveals an I.Q. of 134 on WISC placing her in the superior range of intelligence.”

I am very high in the abstract range.  Believe me when I say I consider it more of a curse.  I bored the tears out of my peers from a very young age and still suffer for it.

This brain of mine relentlessly collects information. I’ve collected almost 7 decades worth. I’ve noticed that workers were considered more important. I’ve seen Medicine going South. [We were once the best medical system in the world.  We now struggle to treat our citizens to a third-world level.]  I have a gazillion reference points in my brain.

I could never understand why my intellect was not worth much in the working world—until I understood that ‘indoctrination’ thing.

As I said, 3 years ago, I was dying—slowly,  painfully, and hard.  When in M.D.s offices, I masked my intellect.  I had learned young that people HATE smart people, so I gave M.D.s proper respect.

But I didn’t want to die, and I surmised there were things M.D.s were missing.  I was experiencing an almost ‘militant’ demeanor in medical personalities in regards to changes I made in my medical directions without first asking the attending M.D. [I refused to die following orders.]

My kidneys had gone as low as 50%, and my creatinine was rising.  For those of you who don’t know, that’s a spiral down to kidney failure.  I was going blind, etc. etc. etc.  To put it bluntly, I was in deep shit.

I had declined a free pass to medical school in my youth, so I had solid knowledge.  I rolled the dice and did recover as much as possible, but there are things that will always be left undone.  I need tests I don’t have access to, and M.D.s demand submission to even discuss them.  That submission could result in my death, and I’m trying to avoid that end as long as possible. 


I perused the Internet earlier looking for graphics to help me illustrate this:


It’s like ‘pulling teeth’ finding a dentist who will pull my teeth before they drop vaccine passports on us.  I won’t be able to have any work done at all.  I’m already very damaged by pharmaceutical products and if I want to keep breathing, I’ll have to do so with no teeth.  Thus chapter 2 of ‘The Tooth Saga’.


But I strayed into the area of:

Yes, yes, I know. It’s all quite unbelievable.  I could patently consider it nonsense if much of what is happening [and did happen] hadn’t happened to me.  I would scream guffaws to the heavens if me and mine hadn’t suffered [and continue to suffer] so horribly.

Then I found this:

Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests


And this:


And this and more and more and more: https://thefreethoughtproject.com/damning-report-shows-pentagon-actively-poisoning-millions-americans-covering/embed/#?secret=XUXyZ5Nov8

How this military explosive is poisoning American soil https://www.youtube.com/embed/l2StCpw8z-s?feature=oembed

A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation



My childhood dream was to cure cancer.  In 2006, the process of manipulating T-cells was advancing.  I was excited but disappointed when my email inquiry brought me news that my approach—tagging cancer cells with cancer-specific antigens to alert the immune system to the presence of cancer—had failed.  That was when I still trusted the morals and ethics of the system. Manipulating T-cells is patient-specific and very very costly. My childhood dream was not.

Get the picture?

I had hoped to pass my intellect on to my offspring—leave them an intellectual legacy.  But things went terribly wrong with my children, and with what I was aware of in the 70s, I had no idea what was wrong.

I now know my children were brain damaged by their baby shots—my oldest far worse than my youngest.

If the only way to deter us from being superior is to attack our health and growth, it is a sad state of affairs indeed.

My government proverbially required me to place my children on the altar of profit.  Then they sliced them up to fit their needs.

Copyright 2020 Joyce Bowen