While the whole Western world have been struggle with Government made fake Covid19 with no end in sight, while “civilized” , “human-right”, “democratic” Western people have been locked down, forced muzzled up, beaten up, and shot dead by their Government thugs… CHINA, the alleged first Covid19 epicenter is now enjoying…everything that the Western people could only dream off: No muzzle, no social distancing, large crowd gathering, enjoying food, laughing, chatting, conversing with one another under sunlight and fresh air!

If you can believe the official story and statistics, China a country, a first covid19 epic-center with 1.4 + billion people, but with only 4,636 covid19 deaths as of this writing (1st Oct-2020), then you, people in the West must look into yourselves and ask yourselves a very serious question: What the fuck is going on with our system of government?

IF EVERYTHING we have been told officially so far were true. Then CHINA would absolutely DESERVE TO BE THE MODEL for whole world to follow!

Except it is not! There is something very seriously wrong with the official Covid19 narrative, and something wrong with all of us! Especially the brains of our “intellectuals!”

Anyway, as always, your brain, your thought, your conclusion. Remember, You CANNOT HAVE BOTH!

Whatever way your argument goes, one thing must be clear: there is no scientific evidence of the Covid19 existence! Start everything from that fact!