PQC: This is where the ChiCom has made Confucianism become “CONFUSIONISM”. This racial imperialism will never go anywhere except it causes great suffering to victimized people and will create serious problem later for China and Chinese.

This is also a grey area where leftist intellectuals and socialists such as the late Andre Vltchek have failed the voiceless victims in these areas miserably, and sadly with their own dishonesty!

Because if they claimed they know and understand Asians and the Chinese Chicom in particular, they must have known that Asian racism is one of the worst, if not the worst! And that the China ChiCom has pursued the Han supremacist policy ever since Mao took power.

However, more often than not the Left and socialists have chosen to ignore and brushed aside the crimes committed by leftist dictators for the sake of anti- Western imperialism! Remember Ho Chi Minh, Gadafi, Fidel Castro?

And the so-called Western righ-wing intellectuals and democrats have done the same: They chose to ignore and brush aside any crimes committed by right-wing dictators and even praised them! Remember Pinochet?

Tibet has been being genocide and erased. No one in the Left mentions Tibet and the plight of Tibetans anymore! The same is true with the Rights and white supremacists when it comes to the plight of the indigenous people such as the Australian Aborigines. Both Left and Right are fake and dishonest! It’s all about statism and nationalism in disguise!

I have often urged those Asians, especially the Vietnamese and Chinese who have been victims of white racism in the West , must look at their own racism before claiming victim-hood! Because they themselves are the worst racists! And they knew it well!

I have stated many times that I don’t trust any Chinese dissident who refuses to discuss the plight and the genocide of Tibetans by the Chinese! I don’t trust any Vietnamese human right activist, dissident who evades issues concerning the plight of ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

Yes, it’s true that the West, especially the USA has exploited the situation for their political purposes, but this West’s maipualtion does not and cannot be used to justify the crimes committed by the Chinese ChiCom against these Muslim people!

In this struggle for humanity liberty, if you choose side and ignore the suffering of any people, you are dishonest, fake, and have no integrity at all!

Andre Vltchek! It’s a pity, You could no longer hear it!


Tiny Muslim community in China’s Hainan becomes latest target for religious crackdown

The Utsuls of Hainan island are only around 10,000 strong, but are now facing increasing surveillance and a crackdown on traditional clothing China’s treatment of Uygurs in Xinjiang is the main focus of international alarm, but Sinicisation policies have targeted a wide range of minorities