Hey! “intellectuals” and “dissidents” and “some kind of anarchists”, keep exposing Bill Gates, Rockerfeller, Economics Forums, Davos etc…while your Governments and their thugs are assaulting people and murdering them slowly with their lockdown laws and injection! Thanks for your distraction!

Last but not least: How come the overwhelming crowd could not repel the tiny group of government thugs?

Answer: because the People still FEAR and RESPECT the false AUTHORITY of GOVERNMENT!

What If the People throw away such FEAR, and start to beat back at the thugs as the thugs have beaten them with batons?

The thugs have the legal right and legitimate power to beat the hell out of the people, who by definition of democracy, are the boss of the Government which is the boss of the thugs! But the People, the owners and the boss of the country have no right to beat back the thugs even in self-defense!

Can anyone see the absurdity and insanity here? What the fucking logic is that?