As an anarchist, Let’s me be a devil advocate here to illustrate the statist “reality:”

“Statistically” speaking, It is very childish and stupid of China Chicom to do such this wasteful thing in this 21 century! If your State and its army are truly strong and powerful, YOU don’t need to show off wastefully like that. You just prove it by actual response and action when you are attacked or deliberately provoked and humiliated (Do I have to remind the ChiCom how many times the USA humiliated them? Remember the Huawei woman was abducted and is still in their hostage!) Please, save this stupid wasteful extravagance to help those Chinese have been left behind!

When was the last time you saw the USA doing such stupid thing? But how many times have you seen their thugs and mercenaries roaming lawlessly around the world rapping women and teenage girls, and murdering people and thieving people natural resources and got away with all of that?

You only do such childish, wasteful and stupid thing because you have a self-confidence problem in yourself and your own people! You do this because you feel insecure! But worst, in doing this stupid thing you invite more contempt from your closed neighbors and push them toward your enemy , instead of trying to win their heats and minds and make them your friends!

I once, in this blog wrote , both in English and in “VYiddish” that China has a unique conditions to be a hub of the peaceful world and deserve to be so! But the Chicom has squandered this opportunity at every turn, from Mao and his mad stupid cultural revolution to the revivement and revivification of the obsolete so-called (twisted) “Confucianism”, a silly euphemism for stupid narrow nationalism (it’s the confusionism after all)

If I were a “Wise” Chinese, I would ask myself why there have been more and more open-mind western people, though not “many”, love to move to China, and that more and more Western people (including this yours truly) come to China and Chinese people’s defense when China and Chinese bashing on the rise? Is it because the Chicom or something else in the Chinese people?

You are so stupid in trying to show off what you don’t have and don’t need to have, while forgetting about what you already have that other people love and appreciate!

About 1.5 billions people around the world naturally speak Chinese more or less! Chinese foods and cuisine are appreciated around the world. Chinese goods and services have been used with increasing satisfaction and appreciation around the world despite constant China bashing. Do you still need stupid and wasteful army hardwares to conquered people hearts and minds?

After all, it was Confucius himself said about the Army:

[12-7] 子貢問政。子曰。足食、足兵、民信之矣。子貢曰。必不得已而去、於斯三者何先 曰。去兵。子貢曰。必不得已而去、於斯二者何先 曰。去食。自古皆有死。民無信不立。

-Zigong asked about government.
-The Master said, “The requisites of government are that there be sufficiency of food, sufficiency of military equipment, and the confidence of the people in their ruler.”
-Zigong said, “If it cannot be helped, and one of these must be dispensed with, which of the three should be foregone first?”
-“The military equipment,” said the Master.
-Zigong again asked, “If it cannot be helped, and one of the remaining two must be dispensed with, which of them should be foregone?”
-The Master answered, “Part with the food. From of old, death has been the lot of all men; but if the people have no faith in their rulers, there is no standing for the state.”

By now, you would know why the USA has been in decline and despised by most of people around the world including its own people, wouldn’t you? Of course except those with dickhead called “nationalists” or white-supremacists! Yeah, there are Chinese nationalists and Han-supremacists too! Don’t be surprised! We do have such same shit in very country! It’s a human cancer anyway!

The ChiCom has been stepping on the footpath of the Yankee imperialism. This will be a disaster for China/Chinese people and for the world as the Yankees have done and been doing !

Get rid of the Chicom and China will find its right place in the world. The same is true for the land called the USA. Get rid of the imperialist government with its military-security-industrial-complex and its Jewish Federal Reserves, the world would become a lovable place with two unique great focus points China and the USA to go about and around!