A new round of lockdowns has been announced by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after a warning by two scientists that the UK could see 50,000 new cases of coronavirus by mid-October.  But are those numbers and predictions accurate?  We take a look at why other scientists are pushing back, calling those claims “Implausible”

PQC: Oh, my dear Ben Swann! You just only scratch the surface! It’s not about the virus or health safety or whatever they claimed. The whole scamdemic has been set out to establish a new total political controlling order: the total and absolute power of government! That’s why Governments don’t give a damn about science, fact, data…etc . They lied and will lie! Sense, sanity, logic are not needed! Just fear! Fear is the only thing government needs to control people, to train people into total submission with ease! That’s this Covid scam is all about!

Look around the world from East to West, not only ordinary people but the whole so-called “intellectual class” and even the top skeptic dissidents such as Jon Rappoport, Catherine Austin Fitts etc.. still have not got it!

They all have blamed on Bill Gates et all… Bill Gates, World Economic Forum etc are just parts of the “marketing” or “carpeting” to sell the story as distraction from the main plot, the end game: The establishment of the new paradigm of system of government, in which government will reach to its zenith of power, the absolute power and total control over the whole mankind.

It’s not about money. It’s not about “injection”. It’s not about eugenism, 5G, transhumanism etc… which are all marketing stories for distraction! It’s about total transformation of government system of power into its highest level and form, the ultimate statism. That’s why it started in China as “remote” role model for the world.

The truth is THEY have no problem, face no difficulty in Asia, Africa, and Middle East.. at all. People in these parts of the world have NO concept of personal freedoms. With or without Covid these people have already been in slavery of collectivism mindset. Have you seen any meaningful protest or even skepticism in these parts of the world?

The main hurdle is in the West where the spirit of individualism and personal liberty are still strong. That’s why WE, in THE WEST, still protest in millions and still questioning and challenging the Government narrative!

That’s why THEY, the governments in the West have to apply different strategy with different tactics. Thus Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has been chosen to be the test run model for the West as pathway to the future “China Model.”

To PUSH back, We have to totally reject their premise the existence of Covid19 without compromise as Jon Rappoport presented in his “Let’s Go Back To The Beginning- Going to The Root Of The Poisonous Tree” . Otherwise we just cannot wake people up!

And to FIGHT BACK, We have to identify and focus on the true culprit: Government. We have to expose government criminal role and its ultimate goal in this Scamdemic to the general people. We have to fight the system of government directly without mucking around or beating around the bush.

The second phase of this total battle must go beyond the anti-lockdown and anti-muzzle, it must be the demanding of resignation of all government at all level. The objectives of this second phase must be achieved before anything meaningful can be done. Otherwise every effort will be futile.