Before saying anything, let me remind you folks again that we must bear in mind the FACT that the so-called “NOVEL” DEADLY COVID19 HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED AND PURIFIED by any Bio-Lab anywhere around the world- even in the “famous” China, Wuhan, where the first “outbreak” ALLEGEDLY took place. In plain English: The so-called Covid19 has not been identified! WE DON’T KNOW EVEN IF THE VIRUS nicknamed Sars-Cov-2 EXISTS! There is no scientific evidence and proof of such Sars-Cov-2 virus existence! What the world have had on the “Covid virus” so far is just GOVERNMENT words! Therefore any discussion based on the premise or even assumption of Covid19 existence is either fraud or disinformation.

As I said right at the beginning of China lockdown, The Cabal and its Governments around the world wanted to send a critical message: Only dictatorship will work against Covid19 and to make “recovery” to “prosperity” ! And the People swallowed it with the “help” from the whole western presstitute machinery with the mantras “desperate situation needs desperate measures! Then we all have seen Vietnam, New Zealand, Italy… followed. And now Melbourne Australia has been slowly step by step implementing China method of ruling with full force of government brutality: decreeing new curfew, punishing crime of speech, punishing crime of thought! No discussion allowed, only complete obedience!

Make no mistake! Melbourne is definitely a test run for New Police State Order and will be a role model for the rest of Western New World Order!

The Statist force is very desperate to implement their plans, and very much determined to make their New World Order take root. They will not give up and will double down with brute force at every step forward. Normal “democratic” protest, be it in millions, will make no difference.

We all have witnessed that Government don’t give a damn about fact, scientific evidences, not even what they just announced yesterday! They have lied brazenly about everything from Bio-Lab to the “novelty” of the virus. From the mask (un)safeness to the (in)efficacy of testing… Any challenge to government lies and frauds will be met with social shaming and brute force!

There will be no “vaccine,” since there is no such virus! Only forced injection. And the forced “injection” will come into “law”. What is in this “injection” is open to speculate. Whether it is DNA modification or some stupefying chemical agent, they are all lethal to humanity. We must resist it!

We must remember that vaccine “Injection” is NOT THE WHOLE GAME, it’s just a part of the whole plot as well as the UBI (Universal Basic Income), which has been used in Australia to “bribe” and trap people into total submission and total dependency. As I wrote more than a year ago that UBI is the last and permanent statist nail on human liberty. Once became total dependency, any disobedience will result in having your UBI, your only source of income, suspended!

We must expose the ultimate goal of this government Covid19 conspiracy: Government total control over total submission of the people on this planet. This plan is to destroy humane way of life as we all know it! Human interaction, harmony, compassion, and solidarity… all are going to be destroyed!

This New World Order is NOT about the One World Government ruling over the planet as stupid racist nationalists have cried fool about . There is no world order without national government order!

This New World Order is about the expanding ALL NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS POWER INTO THE HIGHEST LEVEL: Totalitarianism! Every nation-state government will rule with the same fascistic police state model. National borders will not only remain intact but strongly reinforced to divide and separate people. Divide to rule!

Therefore, to fight this total war on humanity, we must fight statism! People in every country must fight their own government in solidarity with other people around the world.

Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism. Ludwig von Mises

This war on humanity will not end as long as the government system of power/authority remains the paradigm of human Modus vivendi and Modus operandi

Psychopaths and the parasite class can harm humanity only through the government system of power/authority. Without government/statist power, they are toothless!

Dissolve and dismantle Government!