PQC: Mark my words! London is now following Melbourne “successful” model. And by the end of next year, the whole West will all follow the same rules and curfew. Melbourne has been chosen to be a model for the West NWO, as China Wuhan was chosen as model for the New World Order.

Again, I will repeat this all over again from now on: We must bear in mind the FACT that the so-called “NOVEL” DEADLY COVID19 HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED AND PURIFIED by any Bio-Lab anywhere around the world- even in the “famous” China, Wuhan, where the first “outbreak” ALLEGEDLY took place. In plain English: The so-called Covid19 has not been identified! WE DON’T KNOW EVEN IF THE VIRUS nicknamed Sars-Cov-2 EXISTS! There is no scientific evidence and proof of such virus existence! It’s all GOVERNMENT words!


Coronavirus Factcheck #7: “The Four Risks of Covid” Chris Whitty says the pandemic poses four types of risk, but he’s completely wrong. Here’s why.

Chris Whitty, UK Chief Medical Officer, at today’s briefing

In today’s “Covid briefing” Chris Whitty – the UK’s Chief Medical Officer – outlined that the Sars-Cov-2 virus poses four types of risk. But is he right? Let’s take them one at a time.

Risk 1: The virus can kill people.

Misleading. Chris Whitty himself has been more than clear that the odds of dying from Covid19 are very very small. All of the serological studies done to date found an infection-fatality ratio of around 0.2% Meaning an infected person has 99.8% chance of surviving.

Risk 2: The virus can lead to the NHS being overrun.

Bogus. The hypothetical “covid surge” was first predicted back in March, and never materialised. Whitty admits as much in his statement. Even at the peak of the “pandemic” ICUs were operating at less than 60% capacity. To this day surgeons are working at 50% capacity.

Risk 3: The virus can impact public health indirectly via postponed operations, cancelled tests etc.

False. It’s not the “virus” which cancelled operations, it was the lockdown policies which were put in place to avoid the hospitals being overrun. Which, as Whitty admitted, never happened. It was not the virus which caused people to avoid healthcare out fear, but the press coverage deliberately designed to frighten people.

Risk 4: The virus can adversely affect public health through economic impact.

False. The virus has no economic impact of itself, lockdown does. Lockdown closed businesses and lost jobs and started a recession. A lockdown which was only put in place to #ProtectheNHS, which did not need protecting.


So, of Chris Whitty’s “four risks”, one of them has a 99.8% survival rate, one of them never actually happened and the other two are consequences of lockdown policy and not related to the virus at all.