PQC: In this definitive moment, People truly need a true revolution, in which the true enemy of liberty must be clearly defined: it’s GOVERNMENT SYSTEM OF POWER! Without understanding and clearly defining the true enemy, every protest will fall into their trap and is futile. Where are all true anarchists when HUMANITY this planet needs them the most?


Anti-lockdown rally spreads to the suburbs

Anti-lockdown protesters have scattered in Melbourne due to a heavy police presence and instead headed to suburbia.

More than a dozen arrests have been made in Melbourne as anti-lockdown protests take place in the city.Anti-lockdown protesters had been warned by authorities to expect a heavy police presence if they gathered for “Freedom Day” rallies in Melbourne today.A total of 17 people were arrested in Victoria and 160 infringement notices were issued.Of the arrests, 14 were for breaching Chief Health Officer directions and one was for assaulting police.