PQC: Folks, I truly respect this Vagabond and I do feel sorry for him. I know he is an anarchist who adopts a “popular approach” to engage the sheeple at large into open conversation and hopefully wake them up! It’s very noble…

He has been trying his best to wake people up by USING and ANALYZING THE VERY OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS AND SOURCES in order to EXPLAIN and EXPOSE ALL THE INCONSISTENCY AND ABSURDITY of Governments.

Mine is “on your face” approach.That is just to call a spade a spade! No mucking around , no beating around the bush, no placating whatsoever.

My conviction is very simple. If people do love freedom and truth, they will find it! They will recognize evidences and accept facts. If they don’t they will reject it all regardless! That’s why and how religions and statism exist and still remain the major basis of modus vivendi and operandi on this planet of human kind despite their bloody records through out the whole human history!