As I have repeated and will repeat again and again that WITHOUT YOUR STUPIDITY THAT IS TO BLINDLY, UNCONDITIONALLY BELIEVE AND OBEY YOUR FLAWED, CORRUPTIVE GOVERNMENT SYSTEM OF POWER, Bill Gates could not have forced his will and his wish or his plans onto you and your children!

As a matter of fact, Bill Gates and his ilk did not and will not ever put guns on your head to force anything on you and your children. But the fact is: it’s YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT and its THUGS (a.k.a bureaucracy, police and military forces) THAT DID PUT GUNS ON YOUR HEAD to force YOU to HARM YOURSELVES and YOUR OWN CHILDREN! And Your GOVERNMENT WILL DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN TO YOU with or without Bill Gates, AS THEY, YOUR GOVERNMENT AND ITS THUGS, ARE FORCING MUZZLES ON YOUR FACES RIGHT NOW! NOT BILL GATES!

Without your insane belief and blind obedience to Government, NO ONE, no Bill Gates, no Jews could have ever been able to do such devastating plans upon you and your children!