PQC: My dear Richard Gage and James Corbett, why didn’t you mention a single word about Government involvement in this 911 operation and cover-up?

This 911, by logic and obvious circumstantial evidences, must have been planned years ahead.

And here are TWO FACTS:

Without Government (institutions and agencies) direct involvement, this 911 simply COULDN’T HAVE BEEN CARRIED OUT at all!

Without Government protection, this 911 COULDN’T HAVE BEEN successfully COVERED-UP to this day!

Like the JFK execution and the murder of the USSR Liberty before it, it’s always the Government that has covered all up with its Power of the State!

20 years have passed sin the 911 in 2001.

Half of a century have passed since the USS Liberty was attacked.

More than a half of century have passed since JFK was executed right in front of the world while watching it live!

Not thing has changed! All just have been getting worse and worse everyday!

And now the very crude plot called CovidHoax that has been ravaging the whole world with totalitarian rule by the convergence of all governments on this planet in total repression !

Amazingly … not a single word of exposing or just criticizing on the very government system of power that is controlling and destroying humanity…

All the so-called “dissident voices” have tried their best to NOT MENTIONING GOVERNMENT ROLE in all of this! Even “well known” anarchists! “Intellectual” anarchists!

I am an anarchist! But I don’t know what the fuck anarchists are they?

My final judgement is that AS LONG AS THE STATE/GOVERNMENT EXISTS the truth about these evil crimes will never be exposed fully.

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