This videos is only a minute or two long, but Bitchute needs to “process” it! It seems Bitchute has blocked it! folks!

You Still Can Watch it here:

PQC: A Pregnant Melbournian woman was house searched, her properties confiscated and arrested for posting information on Facebook BY “BILL GATES” and The “UN THUGS!”

However it may look real, I still think this is a staged psy-op to intimidate people.

The message is IF YOU DARE TO DEFY “BILL GATES” THUGS and The UN! Not only will YOU suffer but your WHOLE FAMILY WILL AS WELL! This also serves as a testing pilot case to gauge the public resistance. If there is no strong outrage, this kind of assault on human rights and liberty will expand and this Bill Gates UN “law” will be permanent!

This is worse than China and the shithole Vietnam that I lived early half of my life!

But don’t worry Aussies!!! Your benevolent Democratic Government will come to your rescue and will protect you from Bill Gates and the UN evil thugs!!! Just hang in there for……..(fill the blank yourselves)

Your Government will make sure this “Bill Gates and UN” plot will not happen again in the future!

This is true democracy for you folks! Just keep EXPOSING BILL GATES, The UN, The Business Economic Forum and their ilk.

In the mean time… Please, Just keep voting, keep asking permission to “protest”… Your Government will save you and protect you! Your children freedoms and their future and their human rights will be in the safe hands of … Government!!!



‘Full-blown fascism’: PREGNANT Aussie woman handcuffed & charged with inciting anti-lockdown event on Facebook

2 Sep, 2020 11:13

Australian law enforcers have arrested an expectant mother for allegedly planning a protest against the Covid-19 lockdown in the state of Victoria, drawing ire and accusations of thought policing online.

The Victoria Police descended on the woman’s house earlier in the day, presenting a search warrant and accusing her of “incitement” – ostensibly by making a Facebook post calling for a socially distanced rally against the quarantine measures across the state.

Videos of the 28-year-old – dressed in pajamas and visibly caught off-guard by the police intrusion – were widely shared on social media, showing her flanked and confronted by officers. One of them claims she broke the law “in relation to a Facebook post [and] in relation to the anti-lockdown protest,” while another puts the irons on her.

🤬🤬🤬 Twitter video of Zoe, a pregnant woman, being arrested, handcuffed and terrorised by Dan Andrews’ Totalitarian Victoria Police for a Facebook post, as she begs for mercy in front of her children.This needs to go— Ian56 (@Ian56789) September 2, 2020

“In front of my children!” she counters, adding, “I’m happy to delete the post, this is ridiculous.” The woman also pleads with the officer to let her undergo a scheduled ultrasound scan, but those words appear to fall on deaf ears.

Those viewing and sharing the video seemed to be astonished at the reason for the 28-year-old’s arrest. Some enraged online commentators went as far as to call it “full-blown fascism in Australia,” while others referred to Orwellian narratives.

“Free speech is dead in Australia,” one proclaimed, calling officers a “thought police unit.” 

As the day progressed, local media suggested the woman was organizing a “Freedom Day” protest rally on Facebook, scheduled to take place on Saturday. Now, she will have to stand trial at the Ballarat Magistrates’ Court in January next year.

Meanwhile, a controversial Liberal Party backbencher Craig Kelly, who staunchly opposes the lockdown, shared the video, saying it was “what you’d expect to see in Nazi Germany.”

The story comes as anti-lockdown sentiment, in response to the restrictions being heavy-handedly enforced across Melbourne and Victoria, is gaining traction. This weekend, a sizable cohort of protesters defied social distancing and mask-wearing rules. At one point, the gatherings descended into chaos and clashes with police, who made dozens of arrests. 

Victoria’s lockdown measures involve a nighttime curfew, enforced by police. During the day, residents are only allowed to go outside for limited shopping, exercise, working, or seeing a doctor.

Australia’s coronavirus tally is approaching 26,000; at least 663 Covid-19 patients have succumbed to the disease as of Wednesday. The lingering coronavirus epidemic has taken a toll on the Australian economy and jobs, with officials previously admitting the country has now entered a recession.