As I have said not long ago that formal protest or “demand” through fallacious “democracy” will not change a thing. As it has been shown from day 1 at Wuhan with China “measures” as model for the whole world, this Plandemic had been well prepared long before the fake Wuhan “breakout” more than half a year ago.

This Covid-fraud is their grand scheme, a kind of “final solution” for the whole humankind’s liberty, not just a problem of a “nation” or a “race”. Therefore it cannot be stopped by just some mere formal permitted “democratic” protests on one or two weekends in one or two countries, be it in millions.

Formal “legally permitted protests” are nothing but a formal begging to the thugs in power to show mercy on the victims, in which government thugs are free to assault and arrest protesters while their thousands of other fellow protesters just look on without even a a slightest effort to come to their help or to defense their arrested and even assaulted fellow protesters!

Protest has no meaning and effect since the protesters themselves wrongly and stupidly believe that “this is just government’s mistake, bad judgement, and that Bill Gates and his ilk are to blame.” Many protesters are even so dumb as to bring national flags with them! What the hell these pieces of color cloths have to do with liberty, freedoms, and human dignity?

“Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people’s minds & then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.”

― Arundhati Roy

Protesters must understand that this Covid-fraud is totally government-made evil scheme at global scale. This is a war on humanity as a whole that has been waged by the government system with its power of the state. Thus, this is not a separate national problem or just a “internal national issue” of a national government Therefore, this struggle must be a global struggle of all the people of this planet, in which people must unite and act in solidarity with all of the people around the world to fight the whole system of government itself, not Bill Gates or anyone else, in order to successfully take back their liberty and human dignity.

That means people have to focus on fighting the governments, be ready and prepared to break their laws and to fight their thugs. Be ready and prepared to defend their fellow protesters against the govt- thugs. And the ultimate demand is the whole government power to be dismantled, no less! That means the people must no longer recognize their absolute “authority”. Anything less than that will not change a thing.

Politicians come and go. But the destructive power of the flawed system of government has remained destructive to human happiness and liberty for thousand years, and it will remain to wield its destructive power over mankind regardless whoever will be in charge of the system.

Every protester must understand that this is a war on humanity waged by the power of the state! The government is their principle enemy. Otherwise, demonstrations, protests are and will be just a waste of time and energy wriggling inside their trap./.