Now it’s very clear that this is truly a battle between the power of the state. flawed governments versus the People.. There is no Bill Gates or Rockefeller foundations or New World Order whatsoever here, as stupid statist nationalists have been crying for months since this government made Covid-fraud began.

If PEOPLE DEFEAT the power of the state and the governments over this criminal Covid scheme, then whoever evil out there , be it Bill Gates, Rockefeller foundations or the fucking Jewish Controlled Cabal etc will become TOOTHLESS!

That’s why I’ve repeatedly stressed that those nationalists are dumbshits, and all the so-called intellectuals both left and right have turned out to be just moronic charlatans!

Protesters rally against Covid-19 restrictions in Berlin Live

Thousands are gathering in Berlin to protest the government’s coronavirus measures. The protest was banned by city authorities over health concerns, but was later overturned by the city’s administrative court. The rally is allowed under the condition that social distancing measures are respected by participants.